[Handgun] Glock 48 MOS 9mm w 2-10rd mags $489.99+s/h

[Handgun] Glock 48 MOS 9mm w 2-10rd mags $489.99+s/h


[Handgun] Glock 48 MOS 9mm w 2-10rd mags $489.99+s/h

13 reviews for [Handgun] Glock 48 MOS 9mm w 2-10rd mags $489.99+s/h

  1. realJaneGoodall

    yo family firearms is straight up selling everything at dealer cost this is wild lmao

  2. Freedom-Forever

    BIN for MOS

  3. redclaw05

    Worth it for the rail.

  4. volckerwasright

    I had a really smooth transaction with these guys. Ordered on a Friday night, picked up from my FFL on Monday afternoon.

  5. relientss

    43x mos or 48 mos? Is that half an inch worth it?

  6. tgrimm937

    48 vs 43x?

  7. joseph-1998-XO

    So what lights work on this?

  8. ATF0PenUp

    Anyone getting transaction declined errors? 5:30PM EST

  9. I_Raise_You

    OOS saved my drunk wallet today. GG’s

  10. VeraTachikaze

    this is a great gun everyone should buy it

  11. CrocodileCunnilingus

    This is blue label price

  12. ilmtt

    Are the s15 mags reliable yet?

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