[Handgun] Glock 19 Mariner $569.69 + Ship

[Handgun] Glock 19 Mariner $569.69 + Ship


[Handgun] Glock 19 Mariner $569.69 + Ship

12 reviews for [Handgun] Glock 19 Mariner $569.69 + Ship

  1. Zastavarian

    Glock heard about the spike in recent boating accidents

  2. digital_footprint

    Perfect for when you want to LARP in the bathtub without ruining your gun

  3. ComradeHX

    + Ship

    What kind of ship is it?

  4. Youcalled911forthat

    You can buy OEM Glock maritime spring cups on Amazon for $17.

  5. texasoutlaw19

    From 208gunshop:

    “Maritime spring cups: This is an internal part that captures the striker spring in the slide . It allows water, oil, and debris to exit the firing pin channel. This enables the pistol to be fired after it’s been submerged in water and in extreme hostile environments without field stripping the slide assembly”

  6. SeahawksClippersBro

    i would be tempted just because of the seattle mariners but they suck.

  7. apocalypserisin

    Damn just picked up a 19 gen 3 the other day, feel like I woulda picked up this instead if I saw this.

  8. Bcomplexity

    Well damn

  9. EastwoodRavine85

    This is cool, I have a weird thing for guns that work with water, what are some of the other cool ones to watch for? Seems like a perfect fit for camping/fishing.

  10. LikeaCarlton

    Never seen this before, are there any drawbacks to the spring cup capture device?

  11. jl56288

    Is this on the CA handgun roster?

  12. yarr-matey

    Any good deals on the 19 gen 5?

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