[Handgun] Glock 19 Gen 5 3 mags $521.98

[Handgun] Glock 19 Gen 5 3 mags $521.98


[Handgun] Glock 19 Gen 5 3 mags $521.98

10 reviews for [Handgun] Glock 19 Gen 5 3 mags $521.98

  1. omega05

    $25 shipping and store is good to go before you ask

  2. Sleeveless9

    Just bought two from them last week. Seller was helpful in communication after the order for adding a threaded barrel they had in stock. Recommended.

  3. 357Loki

    Second time in six months I’ve attempted to make this purchase, only to get a “transaction has been declined” message. On three different cards, both credit and debit. They all have the exact same name/address information on the accounts and I even get a notification from my credit company saying transaction approved. Has anyone had this issue before as well, or have any feedback on how to troubleshoot?

  4. specter491

    I think this is like $20 lower than the usual price I’ve seen from them the past couple weeks

  5. brick2552

    I’m in for one. I’ve always wanted a glock.

  6. bullseye717

    A year ago, this would have been sold out in 10 minutes. Sounds like it’s slowly getting back to normal.

  7. Vocerasux

    Fuck me I just picked up my gen 3 19 that I paid 615 for total. Fack

  8. Raftika

    Cries in Californian*

  9. razkalwp7

    Out of curiosity: why does this post generate more traffic than the Little Creek listing a few posts before it when the firearm price and shipping is slightly cheaper? Is it that Georgia Gun Store has a more reputable and recognizable name?

  10. dukeocanada

    not a bad price. I got one for $530 out the door from my FFL.

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