[Handgun] FNH 509 Tactical 9mm 4.5″ 17+1, 24+1 FDE SS Slide $799 with code FN100

[Handgun] FNH 509 Tactical 9mm 4.5″ 17+1, 24+1 FDE SS Slide $799 with code FN100


[Handgun] FNH 509 Tactical 9mm 4.5″ 17+1, 24+1 FDE SS Slide $799 with code FN100

10 reviews for [Handgun] FNH 509 Tactical 9mm 4.5″ 17+1, 24+1 FDE SS Slide $799 with code FN100

  1. gimmeborborygmi

    Can’t tell you anything about this gun other than it’s $899 everywhere else I see on gun.deals.

  2. Freakiziod

    This is a good handgun, but I highly suggest the apex trigger upgrade. The factory hinged trigger has a lot of grit for the price point.

  3. LeJuanJames

    Chiming in, I own the 509c, upgraded to the apex kit and easily is my favorite to edc

  4. nitsuJcixelsyD

    Throwback to when [these were $620](https://reddit.com/r/gundeals/comments/fe9aoy/pistol_fn_509_tactical_fde_9mm_45_threaded_barrel/) and had a mail in rebate for a free TLR-7A light.

  5. k0nfuze

    I’ve got one with the spring upgrade, pmm comp, apex trigger, nice optic, it’s really nice. Stock form, that trigger sucks, too much pull kept moving me off target.

  6. OkReplacement4689

    I have one with an apex trigger, comp from PMM, rmr, etc etc….my walther ppq is still far superior in stock form.

  7. Popstoolrestorations

    Not sure why people are so butt hurt over the trigger. Sure it kinda sucks. But change it out. This is like a reliable Gucci glock MOS that needs an apex in it. Getting the Rmr cut plus the glock costs more than this gun.

  8. Some-Chapter-9822

    Great pistol, people talk shit about the trigger, which is true its pretty gritty brand new but after about 800 rounds mines was pretty smooth

    I did dry fire alot and and i “played” with it (brought it to wall and let go rapidly) not sure if that helped fix the gritty trigger or i got lucky but the trigger got better

  9. FreshOutdoorAir

    The FN 509 is an awesome gun and I don’t mind its hinged trigger at all. I like it much more than the M&P hinged triggers. But now the M&Ps are all getting the newer bladed style trigger (like what’s in the Shield plus) so the M&Ps are getting even better, I’m so glad they’re finally getting rid of the hinged trigger. Now FN just needs to catch up and do the same.

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