[handgun] FK Brno PSD 10mm/.40 S&W/7.5 FK Multi-Caliber Pistol $1699.99

[handgun] FK Brno PSD 10mm/.40 S&W/7.5 FK Multi-Caliber Pistol $1699.99


[handgun] FK Brno PSD 10mm/.40 S&W/7.5 FK Multi-Caliber Pistol $1699.99

19 reviews for [handgun] FK Brno PSD 10mm/.40 S&W/7.5 FK Multi-Caliber Pistol $1699.99

  1. RandomLogicThough

    A Robocop gun could be cool…

  2. Informal_Distance

    “We don’t talk about Brno” is what I tell my wife when I have to explain where my next paycheck went.

  3. zorbaguppie

    This comes with the 10mm barrel.

    9mm barrel version is the same price


  4. Griffinhart

    Now if only I could find a decent level 2 retention holster for the PSD…

  5. Bolt_Catch

    Announcer guy:

    *”For the price of more than three separate pistols, you can now buy ONE PISTOL that’s almost as good as three, allowing you to shoot three. different. calibers.”*

    Nevermind Glock .40s and conversion barrels, we don’t talk about those.

  6. carsismeZ06

    This or a MP5 clone?

  7. theatavist

    Why buy this without the 7.5 barrel?

    Edit: nvm this one comes with 7.5 and 10mm. Am r worded.

  8. I_Am_NoBody_2

    Almost had a heart attack thinking this was the field pistol that is on sale for $1699.

  9. gagnatron5000

    I like that the 10mm barrel is offered as a less powerful alternative for the wimps and poors among us out here.

  10. pt1789

    I see the price on these has dropped a bit from their perch.

  11. Go_For_Broke442

    sorry, gotta buy a maxim 9 before i buy one of these for that price tag…

    or a cz shadow2 or

  12. AutomataDeObama

    You can get it milled for an optic, and if you’re spending this kind of money you can afford to shoot 10/.40 at least; having some FK for hunting or range bullshit wouldn’t be out of reach either.

    I think it’s cool, I dunno.

  13. rick4787

    🤣 nah

  14. darthjkf

    $1699 and it doesn’t even have a reversible magazine release.

  15. NotEvenALittleBiased

    Yes, I want to spend more than a dollar a round on proprietary pistol ammo, or be left with a 1.7k gun with not optics cut, threaded barrel and shoot 10mm or .40.

    It’s a neat idea tho.

  16. DiamondVikingCryto

    It’d be nice if it had more than one picture. Like does this thing have ambi-safety for south paws like me. At $1199.99 this is worth considering for me if it comes with four mags. 7.5 for medium game handgun hunting. 10mm for plinking and HD.

  17. cjk1000000

    I was thinking about buying one of these this year, as I want to play with some “weirder” calibers. I had no idea that they were this expensive…

  18. MrDripsAbit

    Imagine naming your gun the Fuck Bruno. What did he even do? Why do I have to fuck him?

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