[Handgun] Extar Ep9 $450 In Stock

[Handgun] Extar Ep9 $450 In Stock


[Handgun] Extar Ep9 $450 In Stock

13 reviews for [Handgun] Extar Ep9 $450 In Stock

  1. StuxnetKaos

    this or first layaway payment on an MP5?

  2. WillBattle18

    Would you recommend this for a first PCC

  3. KiloS91

    This thing is a blast to shoot. If you have a Glock this thing is a must have. I think it’s a pretty good value, the pistol grip is B5 systems and the brace is a SB tactical. The safety and fire control group are plastic but can easily replaced with AR parts. Add a vfg, cheap red dot and some fun sticks and you’re set.


    I like mine. Can’t afford to take it to the range, though (it’ll run through $100 in ammo in no time 🙂 )

  5. justacacti

    Is this something i can rely on for homedefense?

  6. coloradoacey

    I am seriously thinking about it now even though it’s just a 50$ dollar difference

  7. Skillet918

    Can anyone who has experience with this and the CZ scorpion weigh in? I’m torn between the two, obviously this has a much better price tag but what am i sacrificing for that?

  8. surf53

    Does anyone run a suppressor on one? If so, how does it perform?

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  10. JediCheese

    So there’s the LaRue MBT-2S trigger on sale right now. Does anyone know if it’ll fit?

  11. PDXshootingROPES

    Why would you need to buy an additional rail? What am I missing?

  12. JohnnyBoy11

    Wish they got rid of the buffer tube like they did with the 556 version.

  13. Shooets-Envy-12

    I sold mine. Just felt too cheap with all the plastic

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