[Handgun] DAN WESSON Kodiak 10mm 6in Black 9rd – $1,972.99 + s/h [in stock]

[Handgun] DAN WESSON Kodiak 10mm 6in Black 9rd – $1,972.99 + s/h [in stock]


[Handgun] DAN WESSON Kodiak 10mm 6in Black 9rd – $1,972.99 + s/h [in stock]

21 reviews for [Handgun] DAN WESSON Kodiak 10mm 6in Black 9rd – $1,972.99 + s/h [in stock]

  1. Ok_Understanding1612

    Holy grail gun. Please buy it and think of me when you shoot it since I’m poor .

  2. gdmfsobtc

    It’s not the tri-color but BIN price for this gun. One of my favorite long slide 10mm.

  3. DrRazmataz

    This gun is beautiful – and Dan Wessons are such cool firearms.

    But this is approximately what I paid for the motorcycle in my garage lol

  4. 2ndammend

    Dan Wesson vs Les Baer? Just curious idk if Les even makes guns anymore just see the ads in my Fudd Mags…oh shit forgot about Ed Brown

  5. DraconisMarch

    I know nothing about this gun, but the name alone almost sells it for me.

  6. SouthPawCO

    That’s hot.

  7. mkcoia

    Does this mean we might start seeing more Dan Wesson’s in stock? It feels like they’ve been unobtanium

  8. quatrevingtdixhuit

    Is this what you are supposed to bring when to tell you to come loaded for bear?

  9. GucciRifle

    I dont know anything about 1911s, if this was $400 I couldnt tell the difference lol

  10. karlsmission

    I have a tri tone, absolutely my favorite pistol. And a step above my other 1911’s in fit and finish.

  11. lostcatlurker


  12. yellowback69

    Thanks OP, my PP = Hard

  13. supaswag69

    2k jam machine.

  14. LoopedDiamonds

    I like 10mm but is it worth 2 of these?


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  16. jgisbo007

    Where does this rank among all Dan Wesson 1911s?

  17. Professional_Hunt677

    Is this better than the Glock 40?

  18. acemace3618

    What does it for me is the tacticool rail

  19. Earls_Basement_Lolis

    Are Dan Wessons the 1911 to have or Sig Sauer? I’ve always said I’ll opt either for a Sig or for a Wilson Combat, but Dan Wesson seems to be popular.

  20. Tactically_Fat

    Oh how I’d love one of these. Or another 1911-style gun in 10mm.

    Or a G20. Or G40.

    A) I don’t even want to spend the “relatively low” amount for a G20 – let alone pay for this DW.

    B) I have absolutely no way that I can ever possibly justify ANY 10mm pistol

    C) I have to win the lottery first; then justification be damned!

  21. Poolb0y

    2k for what is basically a stock standard 1911 🤔

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