[Handgun] CZ SP-01 Tactical 9mm w/ 2x 18rd mags ($676.26 + s/h)

[Handgun] CZ SP-01 Tactical 9mm w/ 2x 18rd mags ($676.26 + s/h)


[Handgun] CZ SP-01 Tactical 9mm w/ 2x 18rd mags ($676.26 + s/h)

24 reviews for [Handgun] CZ SP-01 Tactical 9mm w/ 2x 18rd mags ($676.26 + s/h)

  1. MediumRedMetallic

    SKU 89153 – CZ SP-01 Tactical (decocker) with night sights

    In Stock – not sure how tax is applied. I didn’t pay any, but I’m in a no sales tax state.

    Shipping was $28 with insurance.

    Best price I’ve seen advertised in a while.

  2. Thomas_peck

    I’m a part of a family that would be considered gun snobs.

    A ton of high end tactical shit…with big price tags… Mostly we all like different shit.

    Everyone loves my SP01!

  3. daveeder

    just built up a nice optics ready glock just to realize i fucking hate it. i think im just gonna stick with cz. probably gonna get this.

  4. SmirkTheLurk

    I already have a Jericho 941, but been saving for a Shadow 2, should I save some money and buy this or wait on the shadow 2?

  5. NOooopEe

    This is my first handgun – I absolutely adore it! The CZ hype is well earned

    Lower bore makes for a smooth pull. The SA/DA w/decocker is also very nice once you acclimate to it. The built in rail is handy af too.

    My only recommendation would be to swap out the grips for something with more friction. The palmswell is great for those with bigger hands. I swapped my sights for night sights as well, but out of the box it is a hoot to shoot.

  6. nationalspice

    I hope CZ releases an OR model of this

  7. Quattlebaumer

    Favorite pistol I own and was lucky enough to pick it up back in the before times at just over 500. Nice weight to keep down recoil, good feel in the hand. My only complaint is the slide has a low amount of real estate to grab for charging.

    100% worth it.

  8. glStation

    Guys with big hands – this is the gun. You get a bang on seriously great all steel wonder 9, tons of aftermarket options a la Cajun Gun Works, and you can grip that off hand high because the slide is on the inside of the rails. It’s the reason my carry pistols are czs.

  9. andersss11

    Gun feels great out the box. I was surprised how much better it felt with Slim lok grips . Worth purchasing

  10. Johnnyjetson18

    In for one. $699 shipped to Texas.

  11. Furious_Jones

    My feel when I paid $100 more + all the taxes and ffl fees for this a few months ago and haven’t fired it yet because I’m waiting for reasonably priced ammo

  12. JollyGreenSocialist

    This is an excellent price – thanks for sharing, OP!

  13. SCWA78

    This or the non tactical?

  14. afreeman25

    Will this share mags with the cz-75 sp01 phantom? temtpting…

  15. halfam

    I have a P10C and it’s nice but a fellow range goer let me shoot one of these and oh my god I need one

  16. BrewTuna

    Bring back in .40 S&W!!!!

  17. Ordinary-Machine1451

    This or P09 + CGW kit?
    Not much bothered either way about frame material nor is there a friend or range around with either to try.

  18. dontbeslo

    I’m a bit confused, anyone know the difference between 91153 and 89153? Is 91153 the Night Sight model? CZ only lists a sku for 91153 but 89153 appears I’d identical, is more plentiful and cheaper. Both are CZ SP-01 Tactical models

    UPDATE: Checked with CZ … 91153 includes Tritium Sights, 89153 (this one) has fixed sights (not sure if they’re the regular glow in the dark)

  19. endwick

    I shot one of these and the trigger kept feeling like it was pinching my trigger finger on the recoil. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Am I just dumb?

  20. flectarn1

    I am looking for one of these in a CA Roster version.

  21. jack_sparrow7335

    My favorite pistol ever

  22. Loud-Grendel

    This is cool but can I get a p-01 next? I even have a holster but no gun :’(

  23. M16iata

    Thought this was the tactical threaded model
    Now Pp soft

  24. WilllOfD

    Marked Tactical but no threaded barrel? Nyeeugh!

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