[Handgun] CZ P09 Duty 9mm 4.5in Black 19rd $480.99

[Handgun] CZ P09 Duty 9mm 4.5in Black 19rd $480.99


[Handgun] CZ P09 Duty 9mm 4.5in Black 19rd $480.99

7 reviews for [Handgun] CZ P09 Duty 9mm 4.5in Black 19rd $480.99

  1. MediumRedMetallic

    P-09’s all over the place, but I can’t find a P-07 at a decent price anywhere.

  2. bnace

    Heads up, if you have smaller hands, this gun is not for you.

    I can’t even reach the slide release and can barely actuate the decocker.

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  4. RealSimpleCrypto

    BIN pricing if you ask me. Have a couple thousand through mine and love it

  5. ass4play

    Conceal carrying this without a jacket is pretty much impossible right?

  6. airvents21

    This is such an amazing pistol. I really regret selling mine.

  7. biklab

    This or iwi Masada

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