[Handgun] CZ P-07 9mm Black w 2-15rd mags $489.95

[Handgun] CZ P-07 9mm Black w 2-15rd mags $489.95


[Handgun] CZ P-07 9mm Black w 2-15rd mags $489.95

13 reviews for [Handgun] CZ P-07 9mm Black w 2-15rd mags $489.95

  1. CoRifleman

    Damn that’s a good lookin pistol.

  2. ABlackEngineer

    I adore this gun.

    It’s my daily carry. On the heavier side but idk I just like having a big heavy mfer in my hands instead of the sub compacts

  3. Ok_Understanding1612

    May I have it in ODG please?

  4. dreamsoftheland

    Can y’all point me in the direction of good holsters for this! Specifically left handed aiwc and left handed owb w/ level 3 retention, both with optic cuts and tlr-7 light bearing.

  5. glizzythroatgoat

    This or a LifeCard Folding One Shot .22LR for EDC?

  6. Iggyd03

    Damn I got the SR for $20 less…since I was tired of waiting for stock to comeback.

  7. FeatherfacedOwl

    My M&P Shield shit the bed two weeks ago and I snagged a P320 for roughly the same price because they were surprisingly affordable.

    What I really wanted however was this exact handgun, and while I was browsing they were nowhere to be found, and here it is for $9 more after I’ve already exhausted my gun budget.

    Can’t say I regret buying the P320, but damn it man why couldn’t this have happened 2 weeks ago haha.

  8. dmar4455

    This ambi????

    Edit: Is slide release ambi?

  9. Mclovinx351

    Like my P07 but definitely needs a talon grip or something to make the grip texture better

  10. nboymcbucks

    I carry conceal a p09 daily. Great shooting handgun. I can group with it better than anything I own. I own a p07 as well as a bunch of 75’s.

  11. donnyee-

    This vs. P-01? What do you prefer.

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  13. GetThatNoiseOuttaHer

    Anyone know where I can find 10-round mags for this? I’ve looked everywhere but I can only find the 22LR 10-round mags, not the 9mm.

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