[Handgun] CZ Bren2 MS 11″ 5.56 Pistol $1529.99 FREE SHIP

[Handgun] CZ Bren2 MS 11″ 5.56 Pistol $1529.99 FREE SHIP


[Handgun] CZ Bren2 MS 11″ 5.56 Pistol $1529.99 FREE SHIP

21 reviews for [Handgun] CZ Bren2 MS 11″ 5.56 Pistol $1529.99 FREE SHIP

  1. SeattleCZ

    Not buying this is a test of willpower I was not ready for today.

  2. TokyoBJJ

    That’s a great price, below dealer cost I think.

  3. thetimechaser

    OH GOD


  4. punchincattle

    Will a 1913 fit the back of this ?

  5. FreshBadge

    The rail looks super short if that barrel is 11 inches. How does this look with an IR device on it? Is it comfy?

  6. MP5SD5

    I SBRed mine and put some HBI parts in it. It’s my favorite 5.56 rifle now.

  7. Fbaez324

    I was about to pull the trigger on an AP5 , but this tempts me. Already have 2 other PCC’s but when does have X amount of anything already really matter on /GD? So we add another 223/556 instead of 9mm?

  8. RandomDogger

    I came here to say, as a 5.56 BREN 2 11” SBR owner, this is my favorite firearm I own. Absolutely love it, can’t wait to get my can within these next 2-3 months and I’ll exclusively shoot it suppressed. Please check out all the things you’ll want from HB Industries, they’re all worth it.

  9. Guntuckytactical

    Wow, that’s a good price! For those curious, you can thread an AR buffer tube directly into the factory butt end and throw on your favorite brace, like an SBA3. The only thing not ambi on it is the ejection port. Comes with nice steel sights too. Aftermarket is coming alive on these…braces, stocks, AR-style lowers (the Bren 2 upper is serialized), etc.

  10. foxnamedfox

    Nope nope nope *throws wallet into the river*

  11. immortan_jared

    I like these but $1500 is a weird price point, for that you can get into a PWS or other high-mid tier AR.

    Definitely interesting if you are avoiding ARs tho

  12. Creekochee

    Gib .308 rifle version

  13. WeArePandey

    Could I possibly convert this to 300 blackout?
    (Be gentle, I’m a noob)

  14. GrandCowboy

    Charge additional sales tax, total was $1,633.26 — whew, was going in…but not for additional $100+ in taxes

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  16. NEp8ntballer

    How do these suppress?

  17. jgisbo007

    Damn. I’ve wanted one of these but I’m also hot on the trot for a KP9

  18. Overpowernamerino

    gimme the 300blk ver and ill be all in

  19. jaymassinello

    This website gtg?

  20. Thoughtcrime11

    definitely a good deal if you want a high end 556 gun in something other than a 556 but very similar..

    it’s almost like if you want a true hybrid between AK/AR galil/fal

    it feels like an AR but has a charging handle and it’s piston folding stock, really sweet!

    I HAD a 11″ x39.. It was completely reliable and awesome, I only sold it because I prefer my cmmg mk47 mutant, and needed the $ to fund another project.

    the support from cz in terms of addressing the lemons that went out, the customer support for the people and lack of general spare parts available didn’t help the case to keep it!

    really cool platform, not really many complaints with mine, it got hot and 💨 quick, 11″ was probably perfect but I did not like the aesthetic and wish I had the 8-9″ model that gign uses

    my problem with guns like this and the scar I HAD, are their half plastic guns for way too much money, I mean these probably cost 200$ to make haha.

    and all the HB Industries upgrades, which was like 400-500$ for all the good stuff, should come stock on a gun like this

  21. lokiriver


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