[handgun] CZ Bren 2 Ms 5.56mm Pistol | 11” Barrel – $1750 shipped

[handgun] CZ Bren 2 Ms 5.56mm Pistol | 11” Barrel – $1750 shipped


[handgun] CZ Bren 2 Ms 5.56mm Pistol | 11” Barrel – $1750 shipped

12 reviews for [handgun] CZ Bren 2 Ms 5.56mm Pistol | 11” Barrel – $1750 shipped

  1. AimingSouthwest

    I just got one of these so lemme throw in my impressions. I’ve been shooting it side by side with my mcx pistol. It feels like the mcx shoots a little bit softer, but ever so slightly. That may just be because of ergonomics. Speaking of, the controls are much more fun than the mcx. And honestly, it just looks cooler. However, the hand guard on the mcx dissipates heat much faster while the one on the Bren just kind of soaks it up. I have the sig match trigger in my mcx so that’s another thing, but the bren’s trigger isn’t bad by any means. That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

  2. bobsburner1

    I keep talking myself out of one of these but the price keeps getting lower. 😆

  3. hugh_jessol

    Ooof nice price

  4. JustTheTipp_

    Need a gen 1

  5. crazypeoplewhyblock

    Waiting for 7.62 x39 Version

    Come and Make my Wallet Empty!!!

  6. Ded_man_3112

    Damn, must resist. Holding out for a sub $3k Scar 17, but this is making it tough to sit on the funds. Go oos fast please!

  7. cz97

    in for the 7.62×39 version

  8. Nomad2115

    Keeping myself from buying one due to still being asshurt after cz discontinued the 805 3 years after I bought one then pulled some HK shit when it came to needing parts…I’m sickened but curious

  9. Overpowernamerino

    Always wonder why people buy 11 inch 556s. 16 inch is the ideal length for ballistic.

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  11. enclave76

    I have it in 14in and I love it. Got mine for $1670 out the door about 2 weeks back on this Reddit.

  12. luckyhat4

    I very much want the carbine version of this once I’m done with my coding bootcamp and have money coming in. The pistol handguard just seems way too small to be practical.

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