[Handgun] CZ 75 D PCR Compact – $589.95

[Handgun] CZ 75 D PCR Compact – $589.95


[Handgun] CZ 75 D PCR Compact – $589.95

19 reviews for [Handgun] CZ 75 D PCR Compact – $589.95

  1. Anonymous7k

    Mine is the pistol I carry the most, put a Cajun Gun Works carry package in there, was like $50 and it made an already smooth shooter just a dream.

    I’m most consistently accurate with this pistol too, something about the grip just feels so damn good in the hand.

    I actually think I got mine a bit cheaper than this, but that was like 2018, so.

    Highly recommend, but not sure if there might be a better deal out there or will be eventually, the PCR is just great.

  2. RobbKyro

    I love this pistol. Threw some cocobolo grips on it and its classy af.

  3. Kawaii_West

    It’s moments like this when I wish I didn’t already own a perfectly practical, polymer, 9mm striker-fired handgun.

  4. UnethicalGourmand

    With the discontinuation of the RAMI, this guy is the next best thing

  5. Mr-Scurvy

    I paid more than this for a used one and never once regretted it.

    Better/cheaper Sig…

  6. iwannasonicscrewyou

    What’s the difference between all the models of CZ75?

  7. GillyDaFish

    I carry this.

    the beavertail and hammer make it very painful to bend over when wearing this sucker. Or if you sit down and lean forward sometimes it can dig up under your ribs.

    otherwise badass pistol, carried for about 2 years now.

    seriously take into account that beavertail and hammer tho, i kinda want a striker fired pistol to replace it now cuz man can it get uncomfortable if you don’t move cautiously while wearing.

  8. LovesToblerone

    Damn, good deal here

  9. CZPCR9

    For some strange reason I feel compelled to comment how the CZ PCR and P-01 are my favorite handguns.

  10. sadpanda___

    G19 killer right here

  11. Curiosity13

    Just got a new one of these a month ago off gun broker for $515, though it took a lot of stalking auctions and waiting to get that price. Great gun, practically zero recoil, so smooth. I’m pretty sure $589 is the standard list price for these pre-rona.

  12. Bcomplexity

    this or the p-01?

  13. zirittusit

    Besides the lack of a rail is there any difference between this and a P01?


    Mine just started misfiring :(. Bought it used though

  15. DevAlmighty

    meh not really a deal. this is standard pricing ([source](https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/806703911946))

  16. tsixram1844

    I really want this. I almost bought this last spring and went for a G19 instead. However, once you factor in shipping and transfer fee it’s 653.52 (no tax in NH) and may LGS has one in stock that’s 30 dollars less with no tax or fees. Still more than I’d like to pay through…

  17. zachman0308

    Now if they would just make a compact with a rail and ambi decocker…

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  19. Automatic-Pirate1075

    If anyone is looking for a RAMI, let me know.

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