[handgun] CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Swappable Safety/Decocker $627

[handgun] CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Swappable Safety/Decocker $627


[handgun] CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Swappable Safety/Decocker $627

16 reviews for [handgun] CZ 75 B Omega 9mm Swappable Safety/Decocker $627

  1. EscapeFromWuhan

    Got this same one for $499 about a year ago from Atlantic firearms. Just a price comparison for the boys.

  2. unique_username92

    Decocker? I hardly know her!

  3. henryfrank33

    Why are the more classic looking CZ75B models so much lately?

  4. Sgt_Sodomy

    could someone explain what the convertible version is?

  5. rybe390

    If any of y’all buy this and don’t need the decocker levers please let me know I will buy them. Bought a used Omega last year and it didn’t have the levers.

    And to actually add, this gun fucks. Add Cajun gun works parts and it changes the trigger substantially. Polish up some contact points(trigger bar where it touches the frame, trigger pins, hammer pin, firing pin block plunger) and it turns into a WICKED smooth single action.

  6. MediumRedMetallic

    Local Sportsman’s near me has one for $549 – I think there’s better prices out there to be had if you’re persistent.

  7. EastwoodRavine85

    Just say no to the Omega

  8. idrankthebleach

    I have a p09 with an omega trigger. It is literally my perfect pistol except the trigger has this obnoxiously long reset. I am not a trigger snob and do not shoot from reset all the time, but my fucking god, the reset is nearly the length of the entire DA pull.
    Cajun gun works apparently fixes all this but just wanted to make sure everyone knows that the omega triggers reset is obscene/comedy material. I will say that the SA pull has a very slight wall and is nice otherwise. Just that fucking reset.

  9. wormraper

    about $100 over what they should be going for.

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  11. tailgateparty

    Have these recently been discontinued or am I thinking of something else

  12. dovahbe4r

    Anyone know how these stack up against a P-07/P-09?

  13. [deleted]


  14. KGb_Voodo0

    Got one back in 2018 for around $531 online after tax and shipping. I’ve kept the Decocker and mine at least has ambi decocker/safety. In my opinion the best of the more “traditional” 75Bs you can get

  15. JebemTiMamuMali

    just bought a P-01 omega for $600 two days ago. So a little high imo

  16. ThankfulReproach

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