[Handgun] Colt Anaconda 44Mag 8” – $1599.99

[Handgun] Colt Anaconda 44Mag 8” – $1599.99


[Handgun] Colt Anaconda 44Mag 8” – $1599.99

14 reviews for [Handgun] Colt Anaconda 44Mag 8” – $1599.99

  1. timstonesucks

    Humungus approves, but he would like a scope on it.

  2. lennyxiii

    My wife wanted an 8″ but unfortunately she got stuck with the 3.5″ conceal carry length.

  3. pCullenMurphy

    My anaconda don’t want none

  4. ReporterMiddle

    Thanks OP! Been looking for one of these at MSRP or better but this is close enough!!

  5. fourleggedpython

    has anyone done a side by side on these new anacondas and the older ones from the 80s/90s?

  6. indomitablescot

    Why are revolvers so expensive? Is it brand? Is it just that they hold super tight tolerance or a higher quality? Like this is a genuine question why would someone pay that much for a gun that isn’t really useful or unique.

  7. georgek999

    That’s freaking gorgeous. But beyond my budget.

  8. Tylerjb4

    My anaconda don’t

  9. RustyAnnihilation


  10. OwnedU2Fast

    Need this for my General Shepherd cosplay.

  11. kane-train-88

    Im waiting for my lgs to get both in at the same time to figure out if I want the 6 or the 8, it will match my python well

  12. Thoraxe474

    Is that an anaconda in your pants?

  13. LeeHarveyTeyBag


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