[HANDGUN] [CODE] Sig Sauer SP2022 DA/SA 9mm 3.9 -$499 FS [CODE: S100F]

[HANDGUN] [CODE] Sig Sauer SP2022 DA/SA 9mm 3.9 -$499 FS [CODE: S100F]


[HANDGUN] [CODE] Sig Sauer SP2022 DA/SA 9mm 3.9 -$499 FS [CODE: S100F]

12 reviews for [HANDGUN] [CODE] Sig Sauer SP2022 DA/SA 9mm 3.9 -$499 FS [CODE: S100F]

  1. Ok_Understanding1612

    By all reports a sleeper 9×19, and a cheap quality entry point to DA/SA.

    CODE : S100F for $100 off

  2. realityflicks

    These are ok, though I’ve gotten them for significantly less (by bamboozling less knowledgable pawn shop folks in better times, mind).

    Given that Sig’s contract with the French police is up this year, maybe there will be some sort of trade-in market? I don’t necessarily know how all of that works or what sort of pricing/quality we could expect if US import even occurred.

    Edit: Meanwhile SW is touting the French police thing like they do with the mk.25/Navy Seals of yesteryear, [and it somehow costs a bit more than a mk 25 despite being less impressive by every metric except weight. The fuck?](https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/handguns/sig-sauer-sp2022-french-police-9mm-sa-sd-black-151/p/1675697)

  3. Antlaaaars

    Been my daily carry since I turned 21. The aftermarket support for accessories kinda sucks, but getting a talon grip wrap and a decent holster makes it a good full size carry. It’s the forgotten Sig. If you want a good DA/SA, this is my recommendation but I would go for a 365 over this if I had the money.

  4. unl0cke

    Not a bad handgun by any means, but at this price if I was in the market for a hammer fired 9mm decocker i’d hold off for a CZ P-01. I got rid of my sp2022 for a 1911 which I then got rid of for a P-01 and I wish I had just started with the P-01.

    edit: as pointed out, the p-07 is also a great choice. I just don’t see a reason to go with Sig at this price point.

  5. Hangry_Heart

    Where are these made now? I know they’re popular in Europe

  6. the_absolute_unit

    Holy crap sig still makes these? I thought they got soft discontinued the SP2022 somewhere between the P250 and P320.

  7. bongthegoat

    Good gun. I have 2. I bought them back in 2011 for a lot less 😂

  8. DrSpaceman575

    I remember paying $400 like 10 years ago. Great gun, don’t know why it’s not more popular.

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  10. GrandCowboy

    Is this the 15rd or 10rd version?

  11. doolay1988

    The poverty pony of Sigs, but still decent.

  12. 100hphd

    Picked up one of these last year for $450 with an extra factory threaded barrel and 9 factory mags.
    Pros: Very reliable with a suppressor, decocker and slide release location is perfect, da trigger is awesome.

    Cons: trigger reset is crazy long for a hammer fired gun and has a weird false reset. The bore axis is really high for a pistol made after ww1, if your coming from glocks/steyr, it’s a learning curve. Expensive mags

    Hopefully we get some surplus of these and a better aftermarket

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