[Handgun] Century Arms AP5-P Pistol, $2,700 plus $30 shipping

[Handgun] Century Arms AP5-P Pistol, $2,700 plus $30 shipping


[Handgun] Century Arms AP5-P Pistol, $2,700 plus $30 shipping

17 reviews for [Handgun] Century Arms AP5-P Pistol, $2,700 plus $30 shipping

  1. spacepirate750

    You can get a real HK for that much.

  2. HardstuckInUrMom

    A Turkish MP5 imported by Century at the cost of an actual HK. I don’t know about this one chief.

  3. tenchi4u

    #[alçak top yok, neye sahip olduğumu biliyorum](https://i.imgur.com/lbaf1a6.jpg)



  5. cz97

    $1000 overpriced

  6. Menhadien

    I’ve got a Zenith MP5, and it’s a nice gun. I think I got it for $1600 back in 2016.

    I know inflation is a bitch, but this is just nutty

  7. mas5862

    Why would anyone anyone buy this lol

  8. aaatttppp

    This makes the $1500 PTRs look like an absolute deal

  9. Shooets-Envy-12

    Creepin into the hk price territory

  10. Shooets-Envy-12

    Ptr for the money and money left over for ammo

  11. PissinHotHandLoads

    $900 flash hider apparently.

  12. Dave_A_Computer

    >Optic and Pistol Brace NOT included

    It also only comes with one magazine, which leads me to believe the low profile mount, muzzle device, and sling are not included either. Just tossed in for a few glamour shots with an extra magazine to make some idiot feel good.

  13. loki993

    For 2700 does it come with a free VSKA?

  14. Puzzled-Computer158

    Maybe that blind guy on YT will buy one of these too.

  15. CajunComrade

    It’s expensive, Turkish, and probably not very good, but it IS in stock.

  16. LilDucca


  17. WACOtheATF

    Fuck this shit I promised myself I wouldn’t get an MP5 until I own a home. I’m trying to be responsible here. Why are prices rising this much for turkshit.

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