[Handgun] CanikTP9SF ELITE 9MM 2-15RD MAGS $329.99 or TP9SF w 2-18rd mags $319.99

[Handgun] CanikTP9SF ELITE 9MM 2-15RD MAGS $329.99 or TP9SF w 2-18rd mags $319.99


[Handgun] CanikTP9SF ELITE 9MM 2-15RD MAGS $329.99 or TP9SF w 2-18rd mags $319.99

9 reviews for [Handgun] CanikTP9SF ELITE 9MM 2-15RD MAGS $329.99 or TP9SF w 2-18rd mags $319.99

  1. Maximus_Ballsackus

  2. Hellagen

    Title says 18rd mags, but this is the compact version that comes with 15rd mags. Great price but I prefer the tungsten gray slide.

  3. Major3Stacks

    How do these compare to the m&p 2.0 compact?

  4. Otown2020

    How much larger is this than the sig 365xl?

  5. kriswithakthatplays

    These guns are excellent. I have about 2.5k rounds in mine, no parts replacement. The extractor looks fine, slide is a little sick of dropping from the slide lock, but nothing else is presenting issues.

    This is the size of a Glock 19 and is very easy to carry IWB and OWB. My only complaint is the locking block is a bitch to get out due to a roll pin which, in my experience, is impossible to get out. That means trigger swapping becomes somewhat more difficult.

    Throw a 20rd mag in them and go competition shooting and whip up on people with 3.5k race guns.

  6. dircs

    Had one. Sold it, and used the money to buy the tactical model.

  7. comeoutandpla

    This or executive

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  9. chapo28

    I should buy this just to get more mags for my executive 😥

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