[Handgun] Canik TP9SFX Tungsten – $437.23 (add to cart for price)

[Handgun] Canik TP9SFX Tungsten – $437.23 (add to cart for price)


[Handgun] Canik TP9SFX Tungsten – $437.23 (add to cart for price)

16 reviews for [Handgun] Canik TP9SFX Tungsten – $437.23 (add to cart for price)


    Goddamnit I bought three caniks this year… Shoulda been patient.

    Bought this for $500+FFL and would do it again in a heartbeat. 437 is BIN

  2. RodgerTibbs

    These are so good. I have one with a Freedomworks trigger and it gives my Cajunized CZ75 a run for its money at half the price.

    I never have feed issues when using 124gr. I’ve never used 115gr, but some have had issues. I save all my 124 for this one, and keep it loaded with 147 Gold Dot when it’s in the nightstand.

  3. forged_fire

    At this price it beats almost everything, especially glocks

  4. TwitchThoughts

    I have the non long slide version of this. Idk what the deal is but it hardly ever fully returns to battery and I have to tap the slide back forward.

    I contacted canik and they sent me a lighter spring but it still does it the same amount. Is the break in period really high on these?

    It does it with all grain of ammo.

  5. Shady14

    Great price for the times for an awesome awesome shooter.

  6. wanttobeoceanside

    Fuck it. Sent

  7. H2OH2OH2OH2OH2O

    Damn, I don’t need it, I don’t need it, I don’t need it. I already have like 3 full size striker fire 9mm..

  8. Cheese_the_Red_Panda

    Plus $19.95 shipping, no tax outside of GA.

  9. djburn831

    Is this buy it now or will it be lower in the following months?

  10. IntrovertBiker

    What is the difference between the TP9SFX and the TP9SF Elite? I think I have a TP9SF Elite…what am I missing with this TP9SFX model?

  11. Super_Professor

    Really want it but not in the cards atm

  12. Downfall_of_Numenor

    Caniks are the real deal. Love my SC

  13. Captain_zaheer

    Fellas please stop commenting how good this gun is, my credit card hates me. RREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  14. zpatterson43

    This vs the elite combat trigger? How do they compare ?

  15. moktor

    Oof, went to check out and it popped up with an error telling me my cart had timed out and it is now back at $499.

  16. Similar-Ad-9692

    I caved and got it. Cant wait to put my hand on it! You can submit your email to get the discounted price! Takes a few minutes for email to come through with promo code for discounted price

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