[Handgun] Canik TP9SFx Signature Series Whiteout 9mm $679.99 + shipping – NO SALES TAX (Excl AL)

[Handgun] Canik TP9SFx Signature Series Whiteout 9mm $679.99 + shipping – NO SALES TAX (Excl AL)


[Handgun] Canik TP9SFx Signature Series Whiteout 9mm $679.99 + shipping – NO SALES TAX (Excl AL)

28 reviews for [Handgun] Canik TP9SFx Signature Series Whiteout 9mm $679.99 + shipping – NO SALES TAX (Excl AL)

  1. NineMillimeters

    I guess itโ€™s worth it if you really want the whiteout version.

    Seems crazy when you can find the regular SFX for <$500 though.

  2. Zenick000

    I kinda like it. For this price though you can find a TP9SFX with a red dot.

  3. xIceberg

    Got mine for $500 in 2020. Shoots incredibly well. Wouldn’t pay $680 for it, though.

  4. ilikepie145

    I want it but not for this price

  5. heywatchitbuddy

    Are people paying 700 bucks for Turkish guns these days?

  6. irideapaleh0rse

    This is stormtrooper as hell!

  7. longoverdue83


    *shoots some rounds*

    Fuck now I gotta clean it

  8. getoffmylastname

    And in a year they went up $180.

  9. AdrianTheDrummer

    The hood stormtrooper load out

  10. Way_2_Go_Donny

    I don’t wanna like this as much as I do…


    These are cool. They were really cool when they weren’t $700

    But I think I decided what color to paint my really old and busted up CZ75.

  12. Neu_Klasse

    These will be discounted in a few months when no one buys this color, just like every year before.

    Love the pistol- I have the grey one. This is not a deal, even for the color.

  13. rick4787


  14. Ricerooni

    Coming to you in the next CSGO operations case.

  15. Automatic_Apricot131

    This color is awesome. Family Firearms is also a GREAT dealer.

  16. InterestingCraft3

    Have two of these. They just keep going up. Canik shoot way above their price point and are only getting more popular

  17. Tuco86x

    Anyone got a lead on replacement mecgar mags? Need a few more for my grey tp9sfx

  18. ABlackEngineer

    >21 rounds

    I smell a new ccw

  19. Rich4922

    Love Caniks!

  20. RC1300


  21. GreatKingCodyGaming

    Fucking love Canik. They make great shooting guns for cheap.

  22. OfficialHavik

    Great for LARPING in your underwear!!

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  24. FortPolioWSB

    Did they ever make one with a solid trigger? Trigger safeties trigger me.

  25. suckmywakelol

    Two Canik noob questions:

    1. Can the TP9 be used for IDPA? I’ve already got a great USPSA gun that I’m happy with but looking for a good IDPA shooter.
    2. What’s the best bang for the buck “competition” style Canik?

  26. Nerveex

    Any idea how to get my hands on one of these in NY? It would have to come with a 10 round mag

  27. derylle

    Thank you, looks nice in whiteout. Might buy me this Canik TP9 SF Storm Trooper ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. NoReallyLetsBeFriend

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