[Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $389.95

[Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $389.95


[Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $389.95

13 reviews for [Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $389.95

  1. totaltimeontask

    Unlike the kygunco postings recently, this order is stated to come with two magazines and a holster.

  2. Thehealthygamer

    Great lil guns for the price.

  3. PapaBearDownSouth

    Pre Rona price

  4. deadlifts_n_whiskey

    Ooo shit. I’ve been looking for a full size 9mm pistol.

  5. PenileTourniquet

    I am always amazed at the price these go for. I know a few top ranking shooters who swear by Canik. I think people are put off by the low price.. but damn. They are gems

  6. AristoNYC

    I wonder why this one is not optics ready when almost all their other models are.

  7. MangoAtrocity

    This is it, chief

  8. uzunihsanefendi90

    I’m a Turkish guy living in California and legally can not buy this handgun how funny this state can be i dont know.. ( fyi i know about PPTs and paying 5 times more for a fucking Turkish made gun )

  9. ibroccoli

    Great gun, only negative is I have not been able to find a good IWB holster for it.

  10. russellc6

    Dang it $20+ shipping to AZ

    I’m holding strong for sub $400

  11. Whynotminot6969

    Canik sucks. Don’t buy one. I had the TP9SFx and hated it. Very picky with its ammo. Two friends of mine have gotten rid of theirs for the same reason.

  12. Oneshoeleroy

    My tp9sf is my favorite gun hands down, and it’s one of the least expensive guns I own. the only downside is extra mag availability and price. The availability should sort itself out sooner or later

  13. Sir_Galahad_98

    Delet this

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