[Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $332.51 – Price in cart

[Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $332.51 – Price in cart


[Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $332.51 – Price in cart

36 reviews for [Handgun] Canik TP9SF Elite Tungsten 9mm Handgun – $332.51 – Price in cart

  1. UgliestCookie

    I would pop just because the price is so good and these have a great reputation, but these days I’m feeling that I’m buying more guns because they’re cheap rather than fewer guns that I actually want. Not to disparage this Canik at all. From what I’ve read they have an awesome trigger and are a blast to shoot. I’ve had an M9A3 on my bucket list for a couple years, but never bit because they’re a little pricey, but you can guarantee I’ve built like 4 or 5 beater ARs in that time that I don’t even really care about. I don’t even know why I’m saying all of this. Maybe I’m just killing time so that these can go OOS while I write this comment.

  2. KingKulak

    That’s fucking BIN if ive ever seen it

  3. AdrianTheDrummer

    Almost bought it. But I resisted. Victory.

    r/gundeals: 24
    Me: 1

  4. Shady14

    Damn man, great price on a great gun.

  5. EverThinker

    Fook, that’s a deal if I’ve ever seen one.

  6. JohnWickBoi69


  7. Right-Contribution-8

    It seems like a lot of you are overreacting with the “OMG BIN” posts. There’s no less than like 5 retailers with this currently in the $330 to $350 range. And tons more at slightly more. Maybe my definition of BIN is just different, but I think I need to save more than like 30 bucks for it to be considered a BIN…

  8. aaron12153

    This looks like a good price, don’t have any caniks tho, anyone have experience with this?

  9. Expert-Jump-8092

    Omg I just bought a sfx, and elite sc. Kinda want this one too. I don’t need it, in don’t need it.

  10. foodheaddj

    They have a lot of good deals on firearms

  11. Beastmon142

    This or the Mete SFT for $400 from KYgunco?

  12. dircs

    That’s an awesome deal, and I love this gun. But I seriously regret not paying the extra couple hundred and getting the upgraded version, $640 in cart: [https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/canik-tp9-elite-cmbt-exec-9mm](https://dahlonegaarmory.com/product/canik-tp9-elite-cmbt-exec-9mm)


    You seriously cannot get a better $330 handgun than this though.

  13. TwitchThoughts

    Anyone have one of these that doesn’t go into battery fully after firing? Some people say there is a break in period but I feel like it’s been hundreds of rounds now.

    I know the gun was made for eu power 9mm +p but the problem is the same even with the lower power spring they sent me.

    They told me to send it to them but they are overseas.

  14. stripclubsamurai

    What about the seller? I just looked at their page and there is a lot of legalese regarding cancelling orders, deliveries, etc. I don’t get a warm fuzzy when I have to agree to 10 pages of legal mumbo jumbo to make a purchase.

  15. Cool_Butterscotch_88

    btw great timing to break this in on the recent norma ammo deal for what was particularly hot 124gr, perfect for initial break in recommended for caniks.

  16. unholydesires

    Shipping is $20 tho

  17. Ohmahtree

    For this price.

    You should own a new firearm.

    Simple as that. This is pre-covid pricing, and yes, it seems the market is healing, and in light of that, this is the best band-aid you can buy for healing your pains for this money.

    Its just a damn good firearm, for $330 its a damn good firearm you should own. Period.

  18. guitarplayer213

    I was really holding out to grab one of the tp9 mete’s but I couldn’t resist this price

  19. rsh2k1


    If you don’t own one… at this price, you should. The best value in wonder-nines, period. The only “weakness” is that it is a bit flippy with a relatively high bore axis since it’s a PPQ clone, but I honestly don’t think 99.9% of shooters would ever notice. I don’t know that I ever have.

    I had this exact model for years, until upgrading to the Elite Combat Executive because… why the hell not. Stupidly accurate and easy to shoot. Still have the TP9SFX and the TP9 Elite Sc and just picked up a Mete SFT. Canik makes great pistols.

  20. TattedGuapo

    I highly recommend Caniks to everybody looking for a handgun purchase. I carried the TP9SF until I bought the Elite Combat VIP. Now I carry that.

  21. KreamyPeachez

    Amazing price. I got the burnt bronze version from a local store for 400. Even after transfer fees around me, this would be about 35 dollars less than what I spent.

  22. FlatGuns_CurvyWomen

    Commenting to keep tabs on this. Thanks for the post!!!

  23. forged_fire

    Absolute glock killer. I love my SFX

  24. chiefteef8

    By far my cheapest pistol yet easily my best and most accurate. I consider myself a sig guy, I own 5 sigs, a vp9L, a walther ppq, an M&P shield…love them all, great guns–but if my life depended on it I’d probably grab my tp9f elite. Canik makes a damn good gun, I’m actually buying a full size this week

  25. pawsbanjo

    Just bought this in the SC version a few weeks ago. No regrets and I own Sig, Glock, etc. make sure to check out Taylor Freelance and upgrade the back strap for funzies.

  26. Jmersh

    Add one more to the list of people who say buy. I am a multiple Glock owner who is shooting my Caniks more and my Glocks less every month. Better ergonomics, way better stock triggers, and fewer malfunctions. Wish the mags were easier to get, but that’s my only complaint.

  27. OfficialHavik

    Still in stock? Man, y’all have been slipping!

  28. huntrun1

    Great pistol. Bought one and liked it so much I bought another in peanut butter color.

  29. [deleted]


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  31. wormraper

    Not bad at all. Prices are returning to normal. When we start seeing the one series for 275 again then we’ll know we’re at Mecca

  32. bwilliken

    Why is this only 15+1? I thought the full size SF had higher capacity??

  33. 0nlineBot

    Buy now price! Mine does not disappoint no failures at all. Accurate.

  34. erkevin

    I bought it. Already have a TP9, but I could not resist. Might give it to my son for Christmas.

  35. GabapentinGetaway

    get yaself a dagger instead

  36. zanokorellio

    Not trying to belittle this little beast, but the METE series are starting to pop out more. I’m sure they’ll release one for SF Elite.

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