[Handgun] Canik TP9SF 9MM BLK 18+1 $320 shipped.

[Handgun] Canik TP9SF 9MM BLK 18+1 $320 shipped.


[Handgun] Canik TP9SF 9MM BLK 18+1 $320 shipped.

14 reviews for [Handgun] Canik TP9SF 9MM BLK 18+1 $320 shipped.

  1. Cosmonate

    God damn that is seriously one of the best looking pistols out there.

  2. type_with_a_lisp


  3. Sweet_Meat_McClure

    Solid gun for the price

    Bonus preview of new angry looking SFX Rival along with Canik’s MeCanik optic:

    I’ve been drooling over these for a while – they’ve been out for a year or so in Turkey


  4. ReverendReed

    If you can afford it, go with the Mete. The upgrades are worth it.

  5. erkevin

    I already have a TP9SA and an SF Elite; please tell me why I don’t need this.

  6. MechaTrogdor

    18+1, reliable, accurate, for $320?

    What more do you want?

  7. RennBaer

    I really wanted to like the TP9SF because it’s a ton of gun for the money and the stock trigger is great, but the shape of the beavertail just did not work for my hand and rubbed the base of my thumb raw.

  8. Uggamouse

    at this point I’d buy it for the magazines.

  9. azamat-aerofakt

    Still holding out for that *Executive.*

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  11. Financial-Debate-542

    This or the FN LS edge?

  12. UnfriskyDingo

    Is this OR? Caniks skys confuse me. Idc about suppressors really

  13. Pharaoh313

    very attractive looking pistol

  14. DillyJamba

    This or finally buy a glock?

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