[HANDGUN] B&T TP9 5″ Barrel – $1904.40

[HANDGUN] B&T TP9 5″ Barrel – $1904.40


[HANDGUN] B&T TP9 5″ Barrel – $1904.40

14 reviews for [HANDGUN] B&T TP9 5″ Barrel – $1904.40

  1. joeeee321

    I’d these where closer to 1000 I would. But between the price and the proprietary suppressor it’s a non starter

  2. IkeInTX

    Thanks for sharing!

    You can expect to see more B&T goodness at BTO this year!

  3. strictlybazinga

    “Tommy likey. Tommy want wingy”

    Edit- Real talk though something about this crayola cyberpunk uzi gets me right in me 35 year old loins.

  4. enclave76

    Local shop has this used for $1800 but it comes with 10 mags. Kinda tempting even if it’s a range toy but it’ll have lots of mags

  5. JDShadow

    Shot one. Sub par for the price. Honestly feels like a cheap toy. Would love one if price was cut in half.

  6. princeoinkins

    Wat in the tacticool fuck

  7. SimpingForNonArsenal

    @Gunthots on YouTube.

  8. HarietTubesock

    I want to like it but it looks like one of those microroni’s

  9. Ok_Understanding1612

    Wack-10, am I right ?

  10. YooserNahme

    Why not just buy a 2011 for this money??

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  12. asterce

    What is the reddot sight in the picture?

  13. DirtyMike0311

    A fool and his money will soon be parted or some shit

  14. mehoff88

    I buy shit I don’t need from BigTex just for the candy and sticker

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