[Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm FDE 18rd $899

[Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm FDE 18rd $899


[Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm FDE 18rd $899

23 reviews for [Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm FDE 18rd $899

  1. touge_hero

    the M9 scratched the itch after shooting the M9A3 the first time at the range but FDE looks beautiful, ugh guess we’ll revisit this once the work day is over…

  2. thechosengalaxy

    I paid $100 more than this a week ago sadly, but have at it. Lesson learned always be patient!

  3. BF14822

    Out of stock now

  4. ImGundy

    This thing is cool asf but looks very heavy

  5. programmer_guybpf

    I still just want a M9A1.

  6. unwantedbuttsecks

    What’s the difference between the A3 and the A4?

  7. EpicTwinkie

    I have the M9A3, this is my favorite handgun.

    Mine Italian made too 😉

  8. jigji4jg949

    made in TN though…not that italian quality

  9. ThunderousBandit

    Do these still come with the hogue wraparounds in addition to the flat panels like the a3s did?

  10. GunLovinFunLovinGuy

    Anybody wish that gun companies & gun accessory companies focus AT LEAST as much on Ranger or OD Green as much as FDE?

  11. skorpion216

    Does Beretta make a factory Inox with a threaded barrel?

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  13. billyumson

    bot oos

  14. StuxnetKaos

    🙏Please do special editions in OD Green like they did when the A3s were released

  15. derylle

    RemindMe! 2 days

  16. NotEvenALittleBiased

    For all your Bond villain needs.

  17. Dirty_eel

    I wish I knew they were doing this before I bought my A3…

  18. rycfoo


  19. Snider83

    This or a basic CZ for completely unnecessary hammer fired 9mm

  20. thechosengalaxy

    Bot oos

  21. tomvonbeck

    Anyone know if they’ll make a compact version?

  22. FlashAndPoof

    Hmm sad I missed this. But this or the performance version??

  23. djtraceman

    Holding for a black one

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