[Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm, 3x18rd mags $979 two left

[Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm, 3x18rd mags $979 two left


[Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm, 3x18rd mags $979 two left

21 reviews for [Handgun] Beretta M9A4 9mm, 3x18rd mags $979 two left

  1. esajz24

    Not worth the price bump over the newly released 92X RDO (not to be confused with the much more expensive LTT RDO), IMO.

    If your like brown guns, then maybe it is!

    Edit: Or if you suppress, since the M9A4 has a threaded barrel

  2. thechosengalaxy

    These seem to be going on gunbroker for a lot more, msrp is 1099 so it’s a decent deal. The tombstone deal I posted earlier for 872 was bs they cancelled all the orders. It was also the 15 rounders.

  3. Normal-Cow3616

    5% off code popped up when I had it in my cart. Code worked. $930 before shipping

  4. GucciRifle

    I dont think this is a bad deal, however its a $1000 handgun at the end of the day 🥴 imma just hold for a $700 m9a3

  5. fewer_boats_and_hos

    I already have an M9A3, but this has one more A!!!

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  7. perrierpapi

    So what’s the difference between this and the m9a3?

  8. superkuper

    @ Me when they make the A4 in something other than diarrhea brown

  9. zeroathlete5872

    I don’t know what it is but the copper frame just doesn’t look as good to me


    Almost a thousand dollars for a Beretta?
    Hard pass, lol 😂

  11. [deleted]


  12. ZQuantumMechanic

    Are these G only?

  13. Lava-Dome

    Does this thing come with suppressor height sights? Doesn’t look like it but could be just me.

  14. RIPDickcream

    bot oos – snagged the last one 🙂

  15. [deleted]


  16. thechosengalaxy

    Bot oos

  17. struddles100

    I wonder if they’re going to sell these slides so you can retrofit m9a3s

  18. lvzx14

    Needs to come down another $179

  19. Phizzle_91

    How is this compares to an A3? I got lucky and bought an A3 last year

  20. waxydoodle

    I think ill wait for the A5 with the frame safety like the performance models

  21. InfiniteWalrus09

    The ones on gunbroker with actual photos seem to have the known American quality. :(. Machining didn’t look smooth.

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