[Handgun] Beretta M9A3 Pistol $899

[Handgun] Beretta M9A3 Pistol $899


[Handgun] Beretta M9A3 Pistol $899

13 reviews for [Handgun] Beretta M9A3 Pistol $899

  1. Kemet_the_Frog

    I have a coupon that stacks and brings it down to $810, but I’m really on the fence. I’ve already got a 91a1 that I like quite a bit, and I’d want to convert to decock only which will add a few bucks. They’ve been cheaper by $50+, too.

  2. An10nee

    Yes my man u/NickName_Lays was looking out for me today. You found me my Christmas gift from Santa

  3. FearlessGuster2001

    I may need to buy this so I can have a threaded barrel for my 92x RDO

  4. GucciRifle

    Oh shit oh fuck, is this the italy one?

  5. jigji4jg949

    This is a great price considering its italian made. all the new m9a4s are US made at a plant that has known qc issues.

  6. NeofelisNight

    patiently waiting for the OD version to pop up

  7. ammofordays

    Does this have an alloy or polymer trigger?

  8. BoontronixGAFS

    are these italian made? i have the italian m9a3 safety decocker in black and its fucking tight.

  9. rollpi

    I want one of these. But I dont want to pay $900 🙁

  10. zsedzsed

    What makes this so much better than a 92fs?

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  12. dircs

    I understand that objectively this is better, but I like the smooth lines of the 92fs so much more.

  13. Silvernine0S

    So what exactly is great about this pistol? I have plenty of other metal pistols but never really looked much into the Berettas. The only Beretta I have is the LTT 1301 (this thing ROCKS).

    To note, I already ordered this from Sportsman’s Warehouse on impulse this morning when it showed up in my inbox, lmao. Just trying to justify randomly buying a new pistol without consulting my bank account. Sportsman’s Warehouse is the death of me since I have several of them within 20 miles of my house.

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