[Handgun] Beretta M1951 ’75-’76 Improved Alloy Frame $280

[Handgun] Beretta M1951 ’75-’76 Improved Alloy Frame $280


[Handgun] Beretta M1951 ’75-’76 Improved Alloy Frame $280

11 reviews for [Handgun] Beretta M1951 ’75-’76 Improved Alloy Frame $280

  1. Leroy_Kenobi

    From Wikipedia:

    >The initial production batch featured a lightweight alloy frame, which proved to be unable to withstand the shock of the relatively high-powered 9×19mm Parabellum round in the long run.

    >This version of the Beretta M1951 was replaced around 1955 by the steel-framed “second series” model. **(Although in 1975 and 1976, a small number of alloy-framed Beretta M1951s were made using the new alloy developed for the soon-to-be-released Beretta 92 pistol.)**

  2. goodwitdemthrowawayz

    j&g couldn’t get rid of these at $180, they were $200 even during 2020 coronafest, now they’re $280 lol?

  3. Grand_Cookie

    Unless something’s changed, J&G makes all their money on shipping and handling so heads up.

  4. yodamiles

    Massive noob here, how “collectible” are these?


    I have a first-generation Taurus PT92 (with magazine release on the bottom of the grip) and I might sell it to get this….if this is good.

  5. Tardviking

    mags are on average $40

  6. avc4x4

    Missed the C&R by only a few years. Shucks.

  7. the_absolute_unit

    Can I send this to Langdon for an optics cut and carry package? /s

  8. Edward_abc

    I’ve always wanted a Beretta since having a toy one as a kid. Is this deal worth it at all?

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  10. Senpai59210

    My dad had a gun that looked like that, it was absolutely awful. It may have been a clone tho

  11. WhOUDey

    Pawn shop my girlfriend works at is selling a 1975 M1951 model for $379 before tax, lol

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