Guardian Training Center owner Chris is at it again – this time threatening to report customers to the ATF for legal accessories

Guardian Training Center owner Chris is at it again – this time threatening to report customers to the ATF for legal accessories


Guardian Training Center owner Chris is at it again – this time threatening to report customers to the ATF for legal accessories

38 reviews for Guardian Training Center owner Chris is at it again – this time threatening to report customers to the ATF for legal accessories

  1. passing-aggressive

    People on the fourth channel were trying to report Chris to PA state police, the ATF, and the FBI for abusing the PICS and NICS systems to dox people.

  2. Rausch

    I am always amazed how garbage people stay in business. You’d think EVENTUALLY it’d catch up with them.

  3. Dreadkeeper

    Posted on 1/8/2022.

    Holy shit this place needs to go out of buisness.

    This is some high horse bullshit that no one has time for.

  4. NoDonut9078

    I definitely wouldn’t go to his shop.


    Glad here in Metro Detroit we have quite a few good gun shops.

  5. cvrtsniper

    Heads up all.

    Report these shitheads via this link.

    Send em hell

  6. LSHDnato

    /u/SilencerShop please get your kiosk out of there place

  7. BrambleVale3

    Fuck those guys.

  8. Rymesayer

    I gave them a shitty review the last time this happened and had TEXT MESSAGES TO MY PERSONAL PHONE very shortly after calling me all kinds of insults. It was my fault for using my real name on my google account.

  9. ApokalypseCow

    I remember this lunatic. It’s funny watching him flail and ‘roid rage impotently against anonymous people on the internet calling him names. For those people who he has been actually able to harass, his childish antics and threats would be merely amusing if he weren’t also a heavily armed stalker-type with an apparent array of burner phones and fake accounts.

  10. tubadude2

    The worst part is that there are enough locals who either don’t know, don’t care, absolutely love this asshole’s behavior, or are deluded enough to think he’s a victim to keep their doors open.

    Hopefully karma catches them like a baseball bat to the head.

  11. Severe-Thing

    Why does it seem a concerning amount of gun store owners are absolute drooling retards with no interpersonal skills like this guy? Like, business 101 type shit. It’s my hope that with the influx of new gun owners, bad stores will finally die off as the patience for them weens into the abyss. Spite is a powerful tool, I will overpay online a state over, and drive 30 minutes to the nearest FFL even if my local shit store has it for 300$ less.

  12. Scr0tat0

    Wait, does a range actually get in trouble if someone shoots a naughty gun st their facility? It seems strange that they’d have any responsibility whatsoever to check people’s stamps or anything like that.

  13. Razvee

    So like… has the ATF EVER been to a range any of you have shot at? Like I don’t get out super often but I’ve literally never once seen any kind of law enforcement or federal agency just swinging by the see what people are shooting…

    Does this happen and I’ve just missed it? Or is it a total non-issue?

  14. StubbyCalvin

    Why is this place not a ghost town? Apparently the owners have some sort of mental illness.

  15. UnicornRX0

    … wow as a Gunsmith, RSO and Range Master that is absolutely unacceptable. I hope people boycott that range into the ground

  16. DontBelieveTheirHype

    What a fucking loon. How are these guys still in business? How haven’t they been brought to court for their numerous accounts of doxxing and harassing customers?

    The ATF will go after a dude selling wall hooks on a fly by night website, or people selling oil filters on ebay, but won’t go after a clearly mentally deranged gun running a gun range threatening and harassing people? What do?

    Edit: if not the ATF, then whomever has jurisdiction. I’m not a law enforcement expert, but I’m pretty sure doxxing people and threatening them is a crime

  17. NeedF0rS1eep

    When you go so insane that you start batting for the other team……….

  18. LL377044

    Looks like they blocked reviews on Yelp. They know exactly what they’re doing.

  19. notaplaugerist

    Yeah guy seems pretty nutty. I was looking through their reviews on Google… Look how he responded to a customer. Not knowing any context of what actually happened other than this person not getting their military discount…

    [Customer Review w/ Response](

    For those of you that don’t get the reference, here you go (same link he posted)

    Edit: You know what, fuck it. It’s like 2 hours from me. Once I get some time I’ll roll through there and check it out, see what this super fudd is up to.

  20. osprey1349

    Mental illness

  21. NotoriousDVA

    I don’t work for the ATF but for a state agency but I do want to say I would never treat someone I was regulating like this. Even if you have to take a hard line with someone you don’t snark them, that’s just unprofessional. In my NFA dealings with the ATF they were never like this either.

    Dude is operating in a free market and literally behaves worse than the government in its coercive function. Failing to clear the lowest bar lol

  22. newgalactic

    Goodness. At this point, I wouldn’t risk ever being one of his customers. I’ve got enough to worry about without having to worry that my FFL was possibly calling in a Red Flag on me.

  23. cohort35

    Marksman Pistol Ranges here in Tucson also do not allow for use of braced pistols in any format even if you arent using the brace or are using it as intended

    This is after I showed the RSOs and staff the ATF letter saying they are legal

    They said the owner doesnt want to risk liability etc etc

    Fuddery at its most innocent, traitorous at its worst

  24. nightim3

    Dude… their Google reviews.

    The responses they have to people. Wtf.

  25. bigdik3006

    Another funny thing is that they themselves have posted AR pistols with angled grips, the same as the one that got the dude kicked out, on their photo gallery. Either for sale or rent.

    I remember the last thread on this dude. Legitimately a taco short of a fiesta, or a bottle short of a 6 pack. Actually retarded lol

  26. sturdybutter

    Lol that pussy owner turned off reviews on yelp

  27. KidonKappa

    humm i dont rally know anything about this shooting range besides whats posted here on reddit but im sure katy perry’s legal team wouldn’t like her likeness being photo shoped in to there range photos.



  28. xboxboy666

    I mean we could leave a Google review?

  29. 761stTankCommander

    How have they not been doxed into Bolivia

  30. FirstGT

    Crazy response. Especially considering when you view how PSA responded to what was a kinda similar initial situation.

    People like this make me wonder how tf they get through each and every day

  31. WalbrechtBayern

    This man’s butthurt could be an entire marketing campaign for Preparation H. His skin is so vanishingly thin runway models use it for inspiration. His ego is so large NASA is coming up with new numbers. Does anyone else have anything to add?

  32. HilariousMax

    If someone representing the owner asks you to leave their range, leave.

    Leave all the negative feedback you want but leave.

    A business full of guns is no place to settle an argument. People are insane. File your complaint and live your life knowing this clown will never get another penny of your money.

  33. MisterQuestionz

    Wat in the world

  34. 77SOULDIER77

    This guy totally lost sight of two things:
    1. This is a customer and
    2. The overwhelming majority of his customer base is going to look at this stupid, prideful response and go somewhere else.
    I know if i lived in the area I’d never give the fucker another dime.

  35. BadUberDriver666

    Hey Chris, you tiny-dicked little imbicile, go drive around your tiny-cockmobile and esad!


    What a fucking tool. Just look at those responses to google reviews

  37. SpokPt2

    They only cater to their target customers, fudderal agents

  38. _ODgreen13

    just another bootlicker fudd coward

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