[Discount Code] [CODE] 50% off Matbock Tarsier Eclipse: NVG101

[Discount Code] [CODE] 50% off Matbock Tarsier Eclipse: NVG101


[Discount Code] [CODE] 50% off Matbock Tarsier Eclipse: NVG101

15 reviews for [Discount Code] [CODE] 50% off Matbock Tarsier Eclipse: NVG101

  1. uhkayus

    Lol I thought this was nv goggles.. thought $500 is too good to be true. Lol they’re just lenses for nv.

  2. ICanMakeWaffles

    Concerned that your NVGs don’t make you look enough like Johnny Five? Then have we got a deal for you!

  3. ReverendReed

    I too want my NVG to look like googly eyes.

    Imagine the poor sap getting smoked by a guy wearing googly eyes.

  4. LinechargeII

    Matbock realizing that people are assembling apertures set in lens caps for a quarter of their msrp and that they need to bring down their price. Nicer ones are still half or less than Matbock’s price.

    If you’re wondering what this is for, it helps quickly change your depth of field. It’s the same as stopping down the aperture on a camera lens. Also like a camera lens, it decreases the light that the tube can gather. If you’re in a brighter area and don’t have gain control (or just want to quickly reduce the incoming light) an aperture will help. If you need every bit of light available because you’re in a dark place, an aperture will not be helpful.

  5. joseph-1998-XO

    New to NVG and thinking about it, is this like a good starting point

    Edit: Realized these are accessories for a set

  6. turbo_vanner


  7. unforgiverii

    So, will these work with nvg-40 housing if they have pvs-14 sized thread adapters

  8. 2AisBestA

    Would never have bought these at full price, but I feel like it’s worth it with this deal.

  9. Bobathaar

    f it… I’m tired of looking like a poor with electrical tape and butler creek caps.

  10. kazinski80

    Grabbed the single one 🤙

  11. panda1876

    This looks like glasses for your NVG. This also looks like nope

  12. Hunterbar

    This code is active for the next 29 days, per the CEO of Matbock

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  14. Adept-Resource-7234

    i wish this code was around when i bought mine…i paid retail


    pricey but they work great

  15. rcm192

    I dont think its working anymore

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