[CODE] Ware Horse Concepts – 10% off site wide EFORM4ME

[CODE] Ware Horse Concepts – 10% off site wide EFORM4ME


[CODE] Ware Horse Concepts – 10% off site wide EFORM4ME

14 reviews for [CODE] Ware Horse Concepts – 10% off site wide EFORM4ME

  1. NEp8ntballer

    be advised that this retailer is a notorious liar on shipping timelines. Bought a sling on Black Friday expecting a several day delay only to have it ship much quicker than advertised. It isn’t the first time they’ve shipped faster than advertised for me either. 10/10 would buy from again.

  2. PCgaming4ever

    Bought a sling from them the other day then they put this sale up and they had the Rocket Pop sling in stock so I bought another. I have no idea what I’ll do with two slings when I only have one more gun to put it on but the designs are so cool. Guess I’ll just have to build another gun that’s the gundeals way right 🤣

  3. balolblast

    Does it ship directly from the warehorse?

  4. Never_fucking_curses

    Really solid slings. I was hesitant at first but this thing compared to my cheaper slings is so much better.

  5. Uforixx

    u/flamtapped start making patterned chest rigs

  6. LTWestie275

    10/10 dealer, highly recommend. Got my AR pistol sling and brace wrap from them. Going to order a sling for my AK and shotgun soon.

  7. Ryce_Cubed

    My favorite slings. Run them on my AK, AR, and 1022

  8. OcelotPrize

    Will always upvote and vouch for these slings! Great product

  9. kribg

    Welp, got me for another sling. These are great and you should have one for every rifle.

  10. dragoon218

    All the positive reviews is making pick one up!

  11. steelcityblue

    In for another! This is number four!

  12. WorksIfYouWorkIt

    Just bought some stuff last week, dangit lol. Solid slings so far, got to get out and test them still but Solid.

  13. itsoneofthebifidas

    SLING DADDY!!!!!

    Best slings around you won’t be disappointed.

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