[code] Steyr Arm AUG A3 M1 .223 Rem/5.56 Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifle w/ Extended Rail- $1,699 + Free Shipping W/ Code STEYREXT

[code] Steyr Arm AUG A3 M1 .223 Rem/5.56 Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifle w/ Extended Rail- $1,699 + Free Shipping W/ Code STEYREXT


[code] Steyr Arm AUG A3 M1 .223 Rem/5.56 Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifle w/ Extended Rail- $1,699 + Free Shipping W/ Code STEYREXT

32 reviews for [code] Steyr Arm AUG A3 M1 .223 Rem/5.56 Semi-Automatic AR-15 Rifle w/ Extended Rail- $1,699 + Free Shipping W/ Code STEYREXT

  1. crystal-rooster

    So glad I didn’t buy the one last week for $2700

  2. Thepoogenie

    I want this so bad so I can lose it on a ski trip

  3. Sleeveless9

    Great deal I think based on recent prices. Thank god you don’t have a green one or you may have had me.

  4. prose-yose

    Just paid 2k out the door for mine a week ago from lgs.

  5. modified-10

    “Semi automatic AR-15 rifle”

    Edit: to whoever downvoted me, they literally put that in the title…


    Uh… AR-15 rifle….?

  7. Complex_5380

    @ u/salesbereli since the CA versions are impossible to get, and generally only in NATO form when they are available, but can be made compliant, will you ship these disassembled to California? (Disassembly complies with CA’s AW laws per chapter 11 Cal Code of Regs section 5471(hh) since it’s not considered “semi-automatic” until assembled).

    Edit: I don’t hold it against anyone who doesn’t want to deal with this state’s BS. I’m out of the game entirely myself. I just want one, know it’s legal to do, and have an FFL willing to facilitate the transfer. Getting one shipped here without paying 2x from a private seller is the trouble.

  8. Crackpipe1

    Good price, especially in snowy white.

  9. roostersnuffed

    Anyone ever rit dye one of these bad boys?

  10. ReZpawN

    Any similar deals without tax to Florida?

  11. darthn3ss

    Damn this is tempting… I am almost feeling stupid enough to use credova.

  12. Juice_byllz

    So my birthday is this weekend and I was looking for something ridiculous to splurge on, might this be it? Will y’all buy it up so I can’t??

  13. EastwoodRavine85

    FINALLY an AUG deal pops up, like a real one, but next week is payday 🤬

  14. placebotits

    is that Karl’s gun from Die Hard?

  15. An10nee

    Will go well with my storm trooper outfit for Halloween

  16. Blue-cheese-dressing

    Y’all need to but all these before tomorrow morning so I don’t get divorced. No, seriously.

  17. The_Gray_Beast

    How many of these do I need, again?

  18. TheBaconThief

    Wow, been sweating bullpups hard lately and this seems like a solid deal on the AUG. appropriate in stormtrooper white, since I shoot like one.

  19. GhostFour

    Trying to off-load their winter wonderland gear before all the snow and ice are gone. Sneaky sneaky.

  20. TheRenownWolf

    Show me a white stanag compatible and I’m in.

  21. rolltideamerica

    Oh COME ON! I just paid for a CMP 1911 and a Carcano! 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  23. victorconcepts

    Wtf I literally just won a sam7k on GB that i did not think I would win ughhhh I’ve been waiting for white in this!

  24. Drix22

    God damnit Maura

  25. SalemLXII

    Does anyone know where to find a NATO stock version? Pls

  26. SgtRinzler

    Fuuuuuuck me this is the one I want

  27. KnifeW0unds

    The white stocks are awesome. Even if they don’t stay minty white.

  28. [deleted]

    This gun is so sexy

  29. Fun_Management2589

    In for a stormtrooper AUG

  30. MRG0815

    Is the white one regular or nato? I really want a white one that uses aug mags

  31. -MolonLabe-

    Do you wanna shoot a snowwmaaan?

  32. colorfulexistance

    It either looks artic or sci-fi, either way it’s badass

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