[CODE] Save 15% off ENTIRE SITE w/code “DECEMBER21”

[CODE] Save 15% off ENTIRE SITE w/code “DECEMBER21”


[CODE] Save 15% off ENTIRE SITE w/code “DECEMBER21”

7 reviews for [CODE] Save 15% off ENTIRE SITE w/code “DECEMBER21”

  1. gozasc

    No light-bearing G48 MOS holsters, still. I waited for so long for you guys to release one.

    For anyone looking, Skydas Gear supports this config, is less expensive, and available on Amazon with no dumb coupon codes required.

  2. RyanTheQ

    Might have to jump on this to finally get an OWB holster for my PDP.

  3. ak9882

    These guys make good stuff. Got a couple of level 2 retention duty holsters for the FN509 and CZP10c and they’ve held up well after some rough use.

    As far as I know their QD system is proprietary, but I haven’t had a chance to test it with other popular systems.

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  5. _CursedLight

    Whats the compatibility of the mount to say, gcode’s RTI and the hole pattern for bladetech tekloks? Is this a proprietary mount system?

  6. MagicBeardMan86

    Me again, patiently waiting for the mto minimalist aiwb for my tiger lcp max 🙂

  7. LilFuniAZNBoi

    I like their products and I have a few holsters from them when I first got into conceal carrying. I wished their OWB holsters have an option to use QLS. Frankly I think with how popular Safariland is; I would think every holster maker should have a QLS option for their holsters.

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