[Code] Safariland 35% with code “35HOLSTERUP”

[Code] Safariland 35% with code “35HOLSTERUP”


[Code] Safariland 35% with code “35HOLSTERUP”

34 reviews for [Code] Safariland 35% with code “35HOLSTERUP”

  1. TryRevolutionary2939

    I have the same VP9 setup, and a Glock 19x, that I much prefer over 19 mos

  2. MoncoTheMercTTV

    Thanks OP. Finally got the safariland setup I’ve been wanting. Saved $98.

  3. Clifton1979

    Dang, SAF25OFF worked yesterday … Coulda got that extra 10% 🙁

  4. FortyTwoDonkeyBalls

    Safariland Holster Fitment Charts


    I’ve been looking through the interwebs to find a compatible Safariland holster for my H&K VP9/RDS/x300 which has been surprisingly difficult since Safariland doesn’t seem to officially support this combination. I found a great website that compares 2 firearms by size and dimension with pictures called [www.handgunhero.com](https://www.handgunhero.com). I’m not affiliated in any way with this website. It’s just a great tool for just this type of situation.

    ~~I was able to determine that my VP9 is close enough to a Glock 19 that I’m going to give their 6390RDS for the 19 a shot. Even if it doesn’t work right I still plan on buying a 19 later~~.I saved over $100 on the full holster and QLS system with this code that came up on Honey when I checked out.

    Edit: after the feedback I got on this post I canceled the G19 holster and went with the confirmed good M&P 9 2.0

  5. Intrepid_Masquerade

    The site is God awful with trying to find a holster but the heads up is appreciated.

  6. HuskyKMA

    Anyone know what Safariland’s current lead time is on made-to-order holsters?

  7. bikemancs

    Thanks donkey balls… I saved almost $80 on a 19x/surefire setup. Just hope it’s the right one. Safariland REALLY needs to up it’s website game.

  8. 3rgGen6mt

    Just used same code last week.. saved me alot of $$

  9. Djvilla0401

    Anyone know what holster would hold a p80c with light and optic?

  10. 4OMikeMike

    Thanks op, saved $135!

  11. TheTrooperNate

    I turned a 19X into a Roland Special. What holster should I go with?

  12. frogstomp427

    For those interested, I bought in last time they have a sale like this, and was worried about how long it might take to get my product due to covid related wait times and the backlog of orders surely created by the cool promo. I got my holster very quickly, however. I will say it was a common gun in a common holster, but it still exceeded my expectations in terms of how long I had to wait.

  13. Gr144

    Thanks, I saved $75!

  14. RayG1991

    In for a 6360 RDS for my 17.4 MOS with RMR and x300. Thanks OP! Saved me a Benjamin. 🙏

  15. chillfancy

    RMR/light bearing ALS holster for 109 shipped… SOLD! Thank you!

  16. cloud9nine

    Damn. Really want one for Walther PDP but they don’t have it out yet.

  17. Tacoma82

    I have a sig p226 mk25 rx with a tlr 1, any help on what fits it? Never seems to show light and optic options.

  18. Hostile_SS

    Nothing for 2011. Damn

  19. AlligatorBlowjob

    Ordered a holster from them a couple of days ago. Their customer service is swamped, but they will call you back. No online tracking info but they left a voicemail with a tracking number.

  20. Hootie713

    Any easy way to find a usp45 expert holster?

  21. Strange_Question_881


  22. anymouse141

    It would appear they have raised their prices to accommodate for this sale, the same exact holster I bought 3 months ago for $197 is now $259

  23. HallucinatingHyena

    Anyone know which model fits a Roland special style glock? (RMR, comp, and x300)

    *edit* did some research and people are recommending the g34 holsters. Went with the 6360RDS.

  24. Go_For_Broke442

    no love for the 5″ p320 makes me sad

  25. friedchickenwaffles

    Anyone know what’s good for a p10c with rds?

  26. minhthemaster

    Are their battle belts any good?

  27. MadRhetoric04

    Iiiin for one. Finally got a holster for my P320, 6384RDS. Do you know if you can take off the thumb protector?

  28. DoitwithSloth

    Anybody use one of their holsters for polymer80 g19?

  29. [deleted]


  30. LofiSamurais

    What do i need to order besides the holster for the quick fork locking system? or does it come with one in the 630rds

  31. SirRolex

    I am looking to do a holster for my FN 509 on my range belt. Would like it in Coyote. However I’m not 100% sure what set up to go with. Any input or recommendations?

  32. UncommonSense12345

    How do they make no IWB Glock 26 gen 5 holsters?

  33. Zero___Credibility

    Anyone know of any models that will fit a CZ P09 with an X300u?

  34. Bobathaar

    anyone managed to find a holster where the ALS will engage on a laugo alien with an x300u? I don’t mind if I need to remove the barrel plug or do “minor” reshaping… just not looking to reshape the whole thing and/or the ALS mechanism area.

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