[Code] ReloadWrap 20% OFF w/ code “USA” . $15.96 with Free S&H.

[Code] ReloadWrap 20% OFF w/ code “USA” . $15.96 with Free S&H.


[Code] ReloadWrap 20% OFF w/ code “USA” . $15.96 with Free S&H.

12 reviews for [Code] ReloadWrap 20% OFF w/ code “USA” . $15.96 with Free S&H.

  1. ReloadWrap

    Good to be back on r/gundeals again with a sale, we continually appreciate the support from everyone!

  2. squilliam777

    Mine works great. Started carrying it in my pocket all the time now. Fits a Sig p320 21 rounder perfectly

  3. Brandon42364

    Bought one of these a while ago, have carried it daily since, absolutely love this mag carrier!


    * Scrolling through site *

    “This is neat, I’d buy it for like $20”

    * Reaches price section *

    [* Sweating intensifies *](http://content://com.android.chrome.FileProvider/images/screenshot/1622794737634327325035973227100.gif)

  5. MotherfuckingDoomGuy

    I have used one of these for the past year and love it! In for 2 more, one for the speed strips for my derringer and one for my Dad for Father’s day. Thanks OP!

  6. dirtyboots702

    Mine has to be going on over 2 years of daily carry and it’s still going strong 💪


  7. daddumdiddlydoo

    Best mag carrier ever!

  8. toddxtyboy

    Just ordered one!!

  9. MrNeatSoup

    It’s a great product, simple, effective, durable. I love it.

  10. USS-William-D-Porter

    Great product! I would definitely wear it more if I didn’t wear skinny jeans so often haha

  11. PDX_-Mike-_

    I just ordered one. This was a product I didn’t know I needed. When I’m lazy and don’t wear a gun belt I pocket carry a single stack subcompact. While they are large rounds there aren’t many so having a consistent way to easily car a spare mag is awesome. Now I will just have make sure I’m am pulling my knife out and not my spare mag, but it’s a good problem to have.

  12. alittletrolly

    In for one thanks

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