[code] Recover Tactical® 20/20B Stabilizer Kit for Glock- $59.99 Shipped W/Code: RECOVER

[code] Recover Tactical® 20/20B Stabilizer Kit for Glock- $59.99 Shipped W/Code: RECOVER


[code] Recover Tactical® 20/20B Stabilizer Kit for Glock- $59.99 Shipped W/Code: RECOVER

16 reviews for [code] Recover Tactical® 20/20B Stabilizer Kit for Glock- $59.99 Shipped W/Code: RECOVER

  1. 30_caliber_clipazine

    u/salesbereli do you guys carry the poly80 version? Didn’t see it in a quick search but I might be missing something…

  2. ricecrackerdude

    Missed the Flux drop, almost bought this in anger, but after reading reviews, gonna pass

  3. Figdudeton

    Wasn’t very impressed with mine. The length of pull was really short, and my slide mounted RMR sat too low to be as comfortable as I would like.

    With the hassle of everything, just found shooting my Glock as intended was easier.

  4. tenchi4u

    *…the Flux Raider at home.*

    all jokes aside, I bought one of these off GAFS for cheap to make a memegun out of a *mostly Glock brand* Glock 19 spareparts gun….not terrible, not great, wouldn’t use for anything more important than lulz at the range.

  5. GloryholeKaleidscope

    I’ve been lusting after one of these stabilizers ever since I seen Charlize Theron pull one out of an Audi trunk in “Old Guard”.

  6. radical1911

    I’ve heard if you get the top rail attachment for it , it works much better

  7. rolltideamerica

    Will this work on my Gen II?

  8. Harriettubmaninatub

    What do we think about this? From what I’ve read these things are more of a nuisance.

  9. jaykaypeeness

    [I made one fit a GST-9 I finished](https://imgur.com/MxiNDRB). It was stupidly hard to get my face down low on the irons, but I got the optics rail and love it. Shot it on Christmas while my little bro shot his Canik and he seemed to like it too.

  10. AzGunnerzCustomz

    Had to recover my g35/4 with this kit as I wasn’t using it much – it’s a fun piece to shoot, and super compact to carry in a BP – I went with the pic slide mount for my MOS over their mount to attach the scalaworks cause I wasn’t a fan of the dot being so far forward – also the cheek riser is a must IMO as it’s pretty harsh without it – also added a QD mount – thing is dead on accurate, and for the price, you can’t beat it – the can makes it gassy AF tho – love the PB


  11. Infamous_Translator

    [anyone see these yet? seems decent as far as a drop in is concerned](https://www.recovertactical.com/product/p-ix-coming-soon/)

  12. Biggie313

    LOP too short to be as usable as it could be

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  14. radical1911

    What’s the difference with H model?

  15. osirhc

    Kinda makes me wish I hadn’t bought this last summer (2020) for $100, although I’m not losing sleep over $40. These things are honestly pretty cool to mess around with. I like it a lot more than my CAA USA Roni, so much so that I traded my Roni to a buddy for some random shit, even though there are some cons to this vs a Roni. You need a tool to swap your Glock in and out of the chassis, just a basic Allen key, but it’s not tool-less like the Roni. It’s a bit difficult to get a decent check weld and sight picture with a red dot using a milled slide because the brace isn’t quite long enough – which leads to the other thing, the LOP/brace is not long enough, but this is the same complaint I had with my Roni too. The pros over the Roni are that it’s cheaper, it’s smaller/more compact and lighter, the folding mechanism works much, much better (you’d think this would be a hard thing to fuck up but the button and springs popped out habitually on my Roni), is compatible with threaded barrels and muzzle devices, and doesn’t muck up your slide with carbon after sending it at the range. With the angled grip/spare mag holder it feels good in hand, I have yet to fire it again after adding the grip though – I’m hoping it helps offset some of the negatives with retaining sight picture between shots. Overall it seems to be fun at the range.

  16. ChunkyBrassMonkey

    Need this for the CZ P07.

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