[CODE] PMM Glock 19 ULTRA JTTC and Barrel Combos Code “FLATBOI”- 15% Off

[CODE] PMM Glock 19 ULTRA JTTC and Barrel Combos Code “FLATBOI”- 15% Off


[CODE] PMM Glock 19 ULTRA JTTC and Barrel Combos Code “FLATBOI”- 15% Off

7 reviews for [CODE] PMM Glock 19 ULTRA JTTC and Barrel Combos Code “FLATBOI”- 15% Off

  1. MattPMM

    WHAT IS UP GUNDEALS! Been a few weeks but I’m back with some more comp deals.

    [Glock Gen 5 G19 ULTRA JTTC and Barrel](https://www.parkermountainmachine.com/store/p425/ULTRA_JTTC_and_Barrel_for_Gen_5_Glock.html)

    [Glock Gen 3/Gen 4 G19 ULTRA JTTC and Barrel](https://www.parkermountainmachine.com/store/p458/PMM_Glock__19_G3%2FG4_ULTRA_JTTC_and_Barrel_.html)

    Our ULTRA lineup of compensators takes our single port JTTC’s to a new level. All of these are reducing muzzle rise by 50-55%! All our comp testing is done on a ransom rest with a digital inclinometer to measure the angle of climb vs stock, uncompensated. These are all tested and designed to run on the factory recoil assembly with quality 115 grain ammunition.

    The reason these are only offered as a barrel and comp combo is that these comps are identical in size to our single port comps. This is done for holster fitment & compatibility purposes. That is achieved by using a proprietary shorter thread pitch. Additionally, this barrel is not recommended for use with any other muzzle devise than the comp, and a thread protector is not included.

    While on the topic of holster fitment and sizing. On a G19, our comp will be longer than a G17, but shorter than a G34. We recommend going with a G34 length holster (should fit any, comp only adds length to the slide, doesn’t affect any other dimensions), or an open-ended holster. If you’re using this in a duty holster (Safariland namely) the barrel plug will require some minor modification to fit.

    To the newer shooters out there/shooters with weaker grip strength, I cannot recommend this product for you. Compensators work by slowing down slide cyclic speed, and as such require a firm grip on the frame. If you cannot apply sufficient pressure to the frame/grip it properly, you will likely run into “limp wristing” types of malfunctions. Our comps work, and work very well, but no aftermarket product will fix a lack of skill or fundamentals.

    Last thing to go over, ammo types. Some brands of 115 are underpowered and inconsistent, and we’ve seen some issues with cycling.

    Stay away from (this is not an all-inclusive list, just recent experience):

    Any REMAN

    Blazer 115

    Winchester White Box 115

    PMC 115 has been hit or miss lately as well.

    We understand the ammo situation is what it is, but I’d rather you not pick this up until you can get your hands on decent 115 grain rather than be upset.

    As always, let me know if you have any questions!

  2. McGreek

    PMM are local to me and are absolutely great dudes. Great products too

  3. Ordinary-Machine1451

    Curious if you or any of your customers have run a Gen5 G19 slide/barrel with comp in a fullsize frame, almost like your x-comp? If so, any pictures or problems?

  4. grazapin

    Dang, wish I’d had this code when I ordered for my Gen 4 a week ago. Haven’t shot it yet but the build quality is great.

  5. keymodneverdies

    This is very tempting…

  6. MisterLapido

    Do you sell a product that works with a g45?

  7. cohort35

    I bought a 92 comp from PMM and I have to say its one of the only pistol comps I’ve used that actually work in a noticeable way

    Also they look cool as heck and don’t cost too much, worth every penny if you ask me

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