[Code] One Year of Rooftop – “Thanks” to you | 10 to 20% off sitewide

[Code] One Year of Rooftop – “Thanks” to you | 10 to 20% off sitewide


[Code] One Year of Rooftop – “Thanks” to you | 10 to 20% off sitewide

25 reviews for [Code] One Year of Rooftop – “Thanks” to you | 10 to 20% off sitewide

  1. rooftopdefense

    Gang, time flies by fast.. really fast. Today marks exactly one year from when Abbie and I filed our LLC for the sweatshop. This last year has had its highs and lows, but one thing has been consistent: **you guys**. Your support has been immense and nothing short of amazing.

    What started out as one man’s dream turned into a livelihood and reality for an entire family. We simply could not have done it without **you** — literally. When we most recently lost our home and warehouse to a fire, we did not have insurance, but we had all of you. We still cannot put into words to express our gratitude for all of the outreach, donations, love and positive energy that you have given us — it has been irreplaceable.

    As a show of our thanks and appreciation, this weekend, we are going to slash margins and give you guys some monster deals that don’t require you to eat ramen 😉

    **Thank you!!**

    From the sweatshop,

    Sol and Abbie

    **– Discount Codes –**

    * **300** – 20% OFF all complete rifles chambered in .300 Blackout
    * **LUMENS** – 15% OFF anything in the ‘Lights’ category
    * **RINGS** – 15% OFF all items in the ‘Scope Mounts’ category
    * **DILDO** – 13% OFF all 7.62 caliber suppressors
    * **SLIMSHADY** – 12.5% OFF all items in the ‘Barrels’ category
    * **MK11** – 11% OFF all Knight’s Armament products
    * **LEGGOMYEGGROLL** – 7.5% OFF all 5.56 caliber suppressors
    * **DANNYDIMES** – 10% OFF everything else! (including complete rifles, uppers, parts, etc)

    **– Some notable items in-stock –**

    * Surefire SOCOM300SPS suppressors
    * Dead Air Sandman-S 7.62 suppressors
    * Sons of Liberty Gun Works M4-EXO2 300BLK rifles
    * Badger Ordnance 1.70″ 30mm Condition One Modular Mounts
    * EOTech G33 magnifiers
    * Scalarworks LEAP mounts, 30mm 1.57″ and Aimpoint Micro
    * Colt EPR upper receiver groups and CR6920 rifles
    * EOTech ATPIAL-C IR Lasers, black and tan
    * Daniel Defense cold-hammer forged barrels, various lengths
    * Modlite light packages- Knight’s Armament accessories
    * Surefire DS07 tailcap and switch combos
    * Radian Raptor charging handles
    * Knight’s Armament Micro folding sights
    * A handful of handguns under ‘All Other Guns’

    Only exceptions are Glocks and items already on sale

  2. Jooo0

    Literally just placed an order last night, but I don’t even care about the small discount it made. Keep my money cause you guys deserve it! Thank you!

  3. Vhink88

    Thanks for the deal on the two modlite I ordered.


    Also… Lumens doesn’t work for DS07 🙁

  4. tractorcrusher

    Congrats on your anniversary! Hope you have many great years ahead of you!

  5. Ange1ik

    Ordered stuff last week, not even mad about missing this.

    Just gonna find something else for a new order instead!

  6. fidelcastroLuLz

    I see a DD .300 blk barrel but the description listing says ” 1/2×28 threading on the muzzle. Am I correct in assuming that it is actually 5/8×34?

  7. XxElementxX01

    Am I about to jump into the world of Weapon lights? Modlight? Any tips? I’m about to jump in.

  8. neurobx7653

    This is why I love Reddit, especially this community of people. Pew Bros

  9. Proven536

    I used code “Thanks” and it didn’t work on the radian charging handle? Am I dumb or just not following?

  10. bestnovaplayerever

    DANNYDIMES did not give me 10% a raptor handle. Got 5% only

  11. illtellyouwhaat

    Any eta on an exps3-0 in tan?

  12. DieLiving478

    Do these codes stack with mil discounts Sol?

  13. ha3097

    Damn just ordered a g43 and DANNYDIMES said invalid code and was removed

  14. SuperSquared

    Happy anniversary! Is the “BigD” code still good for the magazine parts kits?

  15. tgrimm937

    Any code for the scalrworks leap mounts for aimpoint?

  16. fidelcastroLuLz

    Congrats on the one year anniversary!!! Any in stock SOLGW 5/8×24 NOX? also looking for an 10.5 or 11.5 .300blk complete uppers?

  17. LeJuanJames

    Tried to check out some mags. Says coupon invalid

  18. stumpy1218

    Damn solgw 13.7 out of stock

  19. TacomaGlock

    No you!

  20. keymodneverdies

    Ah I wish the .300 blackout rifles were 13.7 pin and welds with nox instead of 16″…

  21. callofhonor

    Finally got a radian raptor, appreciate having it in stock! Next I need a UBR stock….

  22. Aggressive_Lab_2259

    I guess I found the 1 item on the site where coupons do not apply…

  23. all_the_right_moves

    I literally told myself today that I need to buy a Sandman K. It’s absolutely not possible at the moment. But God bless you you beautiful bastard, and maybe in a few months someone else will have a sale like this.

  24. MilSimSupply

    Any eta on handheld modlite kits coming back in stock?

  25. Dopealiciouss

    Thanks much rooftopdefense! Just bought a BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Vertical Grip M-LOK – FDE with discount DANNYDIMES looking forward to it ☺️

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