[Code] NFA Gun Trusts/Storewide Sale – 17.76% OFF – “1776” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout

[Code] NFA Gun Trusts/Storewide Sale – 17.76% OFF – “1776” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout


[Code] NFA Gun Trusts/Storewide Sale – 17.76% OFF – “1776” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout

26 reviews for [Code] NFA Gun Trusts/Storewide Sale – 17.76% OFF – “1776” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout

  1. PissOnUserNames

    As someone who wants a suppressor and maybe a SBR and never dealt with any ATF forms, can you explain this to me like I’m stupid?

    Why get a trust? Is it easier/expedited to get multiple cool things?

  2. SharpEntertainer

    I purchased and have used this gun trust for multiple silencers. Customer service was always there to help me.

  3. Krokadyel

    Best place to do your trust. Their help and resources is priceless.

  4. paperkeyboard

    Not the best discount from them, but they are absolutely top notch. Highly recommend them if you’re looking to buy or make an NFA item.

  5. -Rambo_

    I used them for my trust, highly recommend. And they’re very active on here and very responsive should you need anything

  6. ezm0045

    Ordered this while I was laying in bed last night. If I’d had any patience at all I could have saved $3.46 over the 12% discount I got yesterday.

    Haven’t done anything at all with it yet, but I have read through everything and clicked on every link. The resources these guys make available are extremely helpful and intuitive. Maybe other trust companies do this too, I don’t know, but the responsiveness of these guys here made me not even look anywhere else.

  7. waynestylzz

    Should I get a trust for my wife and I for current cans and SBRs I own? Is it easy to do?

  8. ardesofmiche

    10/10 National Gun Trusts makes everything super easy

  9. JDSchu

    In for one. Was going to go with a local lawyer recommended by the range my can is going to, but for $250 less…I’ll go with these guys.

  10. TheOdinson6690

    I’m completely dumb when it comes to this. So I buy this. Wait til I get it and then I can buy a suppressor?

  11. TheBlinja

    I am curious, as I’m laying in bed almost asleep (so won’t be able to check this for many hours).

    Can I add a/some non-NFA firearm/s to a gun trust? Like if I were to kick the bucket next week, it would basically will a firearm to a non-prohibited person in the trust with less hassle than a will?

    And if yes, could I also add (currently, at least) non-NFA non-firearms to the trust? Theoretical 80% of a firearm, that as near as I can tell, if I were to buy and build, I am the only person who could use it, unless I had it serialized?

    Don’t mind me too much, I tried googling this last night, but I could barely remember what I was looking at.

  12. woozysauce

    Trust docs easy to get and responsive. Ordered the laminated copy of the trust, never received it and never received a reply back. Overall, GTG with the trust but I wouldn’t pay for anymore than that.

  13. EastwoodRavine85

    Time for me to get the damn C&R paperwork done so I can jump in the next deal for this

  14. soju

    If I purchase a trust here, can I still get digital fingerprinting done at a Silencer Shop kiosk if I purchase a suppressor from a store in their network?

  15. notaplaugerist

    Noob questions;

    1. What if I do not have any NFA items? Once I move out of NY I would like to apply for a tax stamp… Can I purchase this and sit on it until I do have a NFA item?
    1. Can I make amendments to it on my own? (Add my mother, sister, etc) at any point in time?
    1. What if I move to another state? (Currently in NY) Do I need to contact you guys specifically to update this?
    1. If I’m in the service, do I need to do fingerprints again? Or will they pull them from the FBI or whoever did them?

    I read the part where you scroll down and it says “*All of our NFA Gun Trusts Include the following:*” I just don’t think I understand the verbiage correctly, I’m sure my questions have been answered in there somewhere!

    I’m sure there is more I am not thinking of, but thanks!!!

  16. MrStealYoWeimy

    These guys are legit. Super helpful and respond to emails very quickly even on the weekend. 10/10 would recommend.

  17. ajr2409

    These guys reply to emails scary fast and they know their shit!

  18. matteekay

    Just sprung for one – amazingly fast service!

    Looking forward to reading through the next steps.

  19. ron_mexxico

    So this has probably been answered somewhere but I’m halfway between lazy and drinking too much.

    Can my gf or a friend not use an NFA item I own unless I add them to a trust?

  20. jp78712

    Well I finally sent it. Time for some new toys

  21. 223specialist

    Appling for a form 1 is a bit of a pain, a trust allows you to share the NFA goods with others. This dealer is the best ive seen, remarkebly responsive. With great resources on how to navigate the ATFs garbage website and form process. I would highly recommend them

  22. Pm_me_things_name

    Heard really good things about these guys from others i know who used them

  23. The_Nekrodahmus

    So when I do the trust, do I need to make a copy of it or does the ATF get the original?

    Also does it need to be signed in blue or black ink or does that make a difference?

  24. DrewFires556

    I’m looking at purchasing my first NFA item and have a couple questions. I would like to have at least my wife on the trust (in addition to myself obviously).

    For now, can I just buy and setup the trust with me as the only member? Then procure NFA item I’ve been eyeing. In the future, what is required to add my wife to the trust? Would she at that point need to submit fingerprints?

  25. TheRealMasterJeffe

    Well I’m in for one and their fingerprint kit. Ryan was very helpful and responsive through email. I am so far very happy with their service. Hopefully I can find a good deal on a can soon.

    If I purchase a can in this sub what is the process like. I know it goes to my FFL but can any FFL receive it? Do I fill out paperwork there and await approval or do I fill out some sort of E-File at the time of purchase.

  26. kymaster

    Hi, newbie here looking to “make” my pistol into an SBR. I have a few questions below:

    1) Do I just need to fill out the ATF 5320.1 and 5320.23 form?

    2) Should I get a trust setup for my wife before filling out the forms in question #1?

    3) Where would I go for fingerprinting? Would I just need to use the fingerprinting kit that is offered by you guys?

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