[Code] NFA Gun Trust Sale – $39.99 – “BLACKFRIDAY” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout

[Code] NFA Gun Trust Sale – $39.99 – “BLACKFRIDAY” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout


[Code] NFA Gun Trust Sale – $39.99 – “BLACKFRIDAY” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout

42 reviews for [Code] NFA Gun Trust Sale – $39.99 – “BLACKFRIDAY” Discount Code Automatically Applied at Checkout

  1. LeJuanJames


    If I have plans to form 1 a can but have not started the process, can I still purchase this ahead of time and apply it when my stamp is approved?

  2. ZeroMidget

    Just to confirm, I can add a temporary trustee, they can take my NFA item hunting, and then when they’re done i can revoke the trustee status without ATF notification, just amending the trust correct? I only have to submit fingerprints for trustees at time of item application.

  3. UgliestCookie

    I’ve been pussy footing around the NFA waters for over a year because the paperwork just seems daunting. I went ahead and decided to take the plunge today and bought in. I still have a lot to learn about though.

  4. NastyChastity

    These dudes are awesome! And can’t beat that price either. Highly recommend.

  5. hack-a-shaq

    I’ve gotten 5 cans on my trust from these National Gun Trusts.

    Trusts dont get easier than this. Don’t be lazy and go individual, be smart and get a trust from these guys

  6. MrStealYoWeimy

    Highly recommend these guys. Very quick
    To respond to emails or messages here and are very helpful.

  7. Poop_Cheeks

    What does this do? Im in CA so Im a winnie

  8. Xyes

    I bought 2 single shot trust’s with SilencerShop because I didn’t “plan on buying any more suppressors.” Well now I have this for the future.

  9. Butt-Cactus

    You can understand nothing about trusts and ask stupid questions at 9PM on a saturday and get responses. If you don’t have a trust this is the one.

  10. Dmands

    Can I add already purchased cans and guns ?

  11. phatdoughnut

    11/10 do recommend!

  12. ausglasstin

    These guys are really good!

    /u/nationalguntrusts have you heard any rumblings about form 4s coming to eForms soon?

  13. pietroconti

    Can a trust be set up before buying a suppressor?

  14. sirwoodchk

    Been looking at getting a trust, but I’ll be moving states in about 4 months. Is it difficult to change addresses?

  15. Broadymcbrick

    I better jump on this one

  16. SgtRinzler

    Alright alright, you’ve forced my hand. Time to start saving for my first can

    Quick edit: if I should move from my current residence, to include to a different state, is it a simple matter to amend the trust?

  17. Bobsaid

    For anyone who gets this their shrink/lamination services are awesome. It makes for a rangebag size copy of your trust and stamps much easier than carrying around a binder.

  18. VitalitySquared

    What’s the process like for adding trustees?

  19. olykoa

    How many of these should I buy?

  20. Engvar

    I may be recieving/inheriting a short barrel rifle. How would I add that to this trust?

    Could I have the family member that owns it now on the trust with me?

  21. homemadeammo42

    Can a successor trustee and a beneficiary be the same person? And can that person not be a trustee/co-trustee? Looking to give my wife the ability to transfer the items to her in the event of my death. However she never uses them without me anyways so why complicate things by adding more forms and fingerprint cards if not needed.

  22. [deleted]


  23. Sea-Economics-9582

    Snagged one along with some cards for future purchases.

  24. kn1ght_man

    Ok I want to do this, but don’t silencer co kiosk give me the option to set up a trust when I buy a suppressor through them as well?

  25. Pulci

    I have an SBR and will be adding suppressors, and likely more SBR’s to my collection. Do I need a trust? Why?

  26. burritobitch

    And were in, not 100% sure how to get stamps when i finish this but here we go!

  27. -LemonShapedRock-

    How long will this sale be active?

  28. t_rob1108

    Please forgive the stupid question-I’ve been trying to figure this whole trust thing out for the better part of a year. I’m definitely interested and I plan on eventually getting some silencers but have nothing nfa as of now. What is the benefit to me here? Is getting a silencer down the line simplified if I were to have this in place already? I would be more inclined to buy a prebuilt rather than make my own.

  29. GrimmTech_Precision

    I just picked one of these up! Super simple process

  30. Emergency_Doubt

    Rarely do I say this, but based on the responsiveness and quality of service, I wouldn’t use the code. Think of it as a “tip”. Seriously, you guys are awesome.

  31. Chuckeroo2020

    Can I use this in conjunction with buying my silencer from Silencershop.com?

  32. Timberwolf501st

    What is the business model here? How do they make money?

  33. yahboymarkymark

    Is this the tax stamp? Or trustee to pass on my cans to my children when I’m underground lol

  34. FastRiddickGroot

    Done. Bought my first can as an individual but this should work out nicely

  35. Ernie_McCracken88

    Whats the best way to do it so it if i want my wife to be able to legally use a supressed weapon or home defense, but I want to be able to buy numerous items and not have her fingerprinted for all of the other ones.

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  37. glavameboli242

    What exactly is this for? Benefits?

  38. Texbirdski

    How much trouble is it to address change your trust? Thats one of the bigger things that makes me hesitate to dive into NFA.

  39. TheOfficeSeason10

    I have 1 suppressor in an individual trust doing it’s time and 2 on back order/in sot transfer I haven’t started the stamps on yet would now be the time to purchase? Does it change any paperwork I’ll be doing at my dealer when they come in?

  40. notaplaugerist

    I have been meaning to purchase one of these. I live in NY but have plans to move. Can I purchase this now, and change my address and whatnot later?

  41. Appropriate-Barber66

    I have so many questions. If I buy this, do you provide one on one sessions to hold people’s hand throughout the process? And if I buy it and decide it’s too daunting to compete, I just lose out on the $40, right? No other penalties or issues?

  42. Rebelwithacause73

    Brand new to this. Thought about doing it many times. Seemed confusing but after reading ya’lls comments and seeing the support from these guys plus this BF deal I decided to do it. Don’t hate me for the dumb questions that are to come. lol 😂

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