[CODE] Hanks Belts 22% Off w/ code NEW22 ends today 1/2/22

[CODE] Hanks Belts 22% Off w/ code NEW22 ends today 1/2/22


[CODE] Hanks Belts 22% Off w/ code NEW22 ends today 1/2/22

11 reviews for [CODE] Hanks Belts 22% Off w/ code NEW22 ends today 1/2/22

  1. Xyes

    I’ve owned a Hank’s belt for over 2 years now. It’s one of the 2 belts that I wear almost everyday. Pleased with it. Sometimes when I’m not carrying with it, I use it to hold a rather large portable laser printer and it’s held up very well.

    I’m wearing it right now and it’s definitely showing wear, especially where the buckle contacts the side with the holes but it looks very sturdy still.

    Honestly it’s outlasting me because I’ve lost enough weight where I almost no longer fit in it.

    Edit: I’m using the Hank’s gunner model.

  2. Lazy_Necessary8631

    These belts are excellent – very very strong as well as comfortable

  3. RotaryJihad

    I have a Hanks. Honestly I worry for the company because they make such a good, durable product I can’t think of why I’d ever buy more than one every few years. Genuine buy-it-for-life stuff.

  4. Throsty

    Been wearing my Xtreme every day for just over a year now. Love it.

  5. Endersgame88

    I got a Hanks gunner belt for Christmas. It’s very comfortable. I like the thickness as it grips my clips on iwb holster. It’s also light for how thick it is

  6. dogWEENsatan

    I’m very pleased with Hanks. Used too use a regular belt and way pleased with the ccw belt they sold me. Customer service is top notch too. Needed to send mine back and get a different one and they paid for the shipping on that exchange.

  7. Ryframe

    Have 3, worn them for years. While Hanks is a solid carrying belt, Nexbelt definitely tops it. Half the thickness, as sturdy if not more, yet way more comfortable than Hanks especially when carrying. The 1/4 increment ratcheting and ease of adjustments definitely makes a huge difference.

  8. demo0610

    People that are happy with the Hank’s, and have had them for at least a couple years and used them regularly, which belts do you recommend? Was going to get my dad a belt. I’ve heard very mixed reviews on these overall, but he won’t be wearing it all the time.

    Also, don’t they have some killer clearance they do once in a while? When is that?

  9. Embarrassed_Dog2188

    Solid carry belt. I’ve had mine for 3 years and I wear it every day.

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  11. crptxham

    Are people using the normal belts or the reinforced belts more for CCW?
    I carry a P365 in a cheap MFT minimalist holster because I’m a small frame guy. But I like the idea that my current belt is flexible enough to use as a tourniquet if I really need to.

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