[Code] Hank’s Belts 20% off w/code SUMMERTIME

[Code] Hank’s Belts 20% off w/code SUMMERTIME


[Code] Hank’s Belts 20% off w/code SUMMERTIME

24 reviews for [Code] Hank’s Belts 20% off w/code SUMMERTIME

  1. squilliam777

    I have one of their gunners, bought my dad one, and both of us the bison wallets. Everything I’ve ever gotten from them is phenomenal. I’ve had my belt for two years now carrying all sorts of shit and it’s still in perfect shape. Plus a 100 year warranty

  2. Heeeeyyouguuuuys

    Had two, they became my everyday and dress belts. Dropped a ton of weight, so just in time to replace my old ones. Thanks Hanks and OP.

  3. echocall2

    Hanks makes a damn good belt, get one if you’ve been thinking about it. 20% is about as good as it gets other than their annual? “less than perfect” sale

  4. melaflander34

    Wearing their kydex one right now. Never knew what good belts were about until last year.

  5. CopaceticGeek

    How long is the code good for?

  6. VolkspanzerIsME

    These are legit awesome belts. Literally the last belt you’ll ever have to buy. Built tough.

  7. 2MGR

    I like my Blue Alpha Hybrid a lot more for appendix carry because it’s a lot slimmer, more adjustable, and doesn’t squeak. But when I need to tuck my shirt in I do enjoy the combination of function and form my Hank’s Belt provides (without immediately telling everyone I’m carrying).

  8. hood886

    I’ve got one I’ve had for a few years. I’d size up if you get one. Beyond that it has made a great belt and I might have to get a second one.

  9. bigchungusmode96

    do they sell belts and belt accessories?

  10. DeceasedRichEvans

    Have a belt and a wallet from them. Both are awesome. My belt is like two mm thick with no edge stitching as it’s all leather. Perfect.

  11. uivandal52

    Got a Gunner about a year ago and swapped out the buckle. Except for a couple scratches, still in great shape, still holding its form. Recommend these to anyone.

  12. crystal-rooster

    Thanks I needed a new belt!

  13. Kage360

    Does this come with a Propane discount as well?

  14. italianrelic

    Anyone who hesitates masturbates 😂 these belts are fucking amazing I own the kydex inlaid carry belt best fucking ccw belt in planet

  15. BrambleVale3

    Grab one of these then scoot over and search “vintage belt buckle” on eBay.

    Wallets are awesome as well.

  16. Daftmac

    Just bought a belt from them 2 weeks ago, now I’m in for another 2. These belts absolutely rule!

  17. gmrnxii

    Thanks OP, just purchased!

  18. Tmccl

    I love mine. I’d just gotten used to belts lasting a year at most, since that’s what Target or Walmart got you. I bought a Gunner a year ago and it’s still holding up perfectly fine.

  19. PamZero

    I need a good belt for my new vedder OWB holster, can anyone make a recommendation to what model gun belt would be good for daily wear? Thanks

  20. Specialist-Trouble-5

    Who the fuck is Hank and why do I want one of his belts?

  21. Clever-Trevor-

    I think Kore is better imo

  22. TheCarGuyNJ

    Do you really have to order two sizes up for it to fit right? I’m pretty sure with my Blue Alpha, I ordered a 32 (despite the instructions), and I typically wear a size 31 pair of jeans. Trying to figure out if I need a 32 or a 34 for EDC. I carry a P365, so nothing too thick or bulky.

  23. Chaff5

    I just got one with the 15% off a few weeks ago. Best belt I own now.

  24. WereChained

    thanks, just bought my 3rd gunner. seriously, these are really good belts for the price.

    i now have a belt to match all of my pairs of boots!

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