[Code] Firearms Depot 15% off sitewide with code LTT92DAYFD

[Code] Firearms Depot 15% off sitewide with code LTT92DAYFD


[Code] Firearms Depot 15% off sitewide with code LTT92DAYFD

16 reviews for [Code] Firearms Depot 15% off sitewide with code LTT92DAYFD

  1. EverThinker

    Glad you posted this OP, was going to make a GunDealsFU post for these weirdos but I forgot, thank you for reminding me.

    Long story short, don’t order anything in bulk from these dudes – I have ordered ammunition from a wide variety of sellers posted on this sub, and have received ammo in all sorts of varying amounts of condition, but these dudes take the cake.

    Ordered 1500 rounds of SVT 9mm for ~$600. Decent shipping speed, got it in a few days.

    Here’s what I got to come home to: https://imgur.com/a/qcQiUuI

    It’s like these guys didn’t even give 2 fucks – threw shit in a box and just taped the shit out of the entire box, rips and all. Not pictured was the ~150-200 of straight up lose rounds just floating around the box. Emailed them about my order to see what went on, with the above pictures – radio silence.

    So yeah, buyer beware.

  2. volckerwasright

    brings a G19X to $499, seems suspect

  3. NoobShooter777

    This seller g2g?

  4. jl56288

    41cpr for PMC bronze 223A 55gr shipped to CA.

    56cpr for MEN 556 NATO shipped to CA.

    They also have 2 boxes left of Frontier 55gr 556 for <50cpr

    But Iā€™m not going to buy because of poor seller reviews. šŸ„²

    ā€¦ someone please find me some good brass food for my AR šŸ™

  5. Shooets-Envy-12

    Comes out to .365cpr after the discount essentially removes the tax and shipping. Still HODL

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  7. RedRanger_SLC

    Email states: Use code at checkout for 15% OFF “LTT92DAYFD” . Code expires on 10/15/21

    Edit: I made a handguard purchase through them on Monday and got shipping tracking today. The coupon code email was received out yesterday.

  8. Double0dude

    369.90 shipped to Texas

  9. enclave76

    Daniel Defense MK12 comes out to around $1900 with code. Pretty solid when you see them normally $2200 and more

  10. Nogood58

    $341 7.62×39 1K rounds to CA (to my LGS)

  11. spudd4242

    24.99 flat rate shipping and tax on a handgun to MI, deal was almost good enough for me lol. But nah

  12. Jasper371

    $226.69 shipped for a Holosun He407c aint too bad if you wanted a green dot. Personally don’t like green so gonna pass.

  13. MK12Mod0SuperSoaker

    Ordered a Glock 48 MOS from them for a decent price before I got this code in the mail. It’s arriving at my FFL tomorrow… Hope it doesn’t have any issues….

  14. RedRanger_SLC

    Bot oos

  15. Chalo95

    Says promo is inactive

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