[Code] Ciguera Emissary EDC Belts – 10% off with code “CHAD”

[Code] Ciguera Emissary EDC Belts – 10% off with code “CHAD”


[Code] Ciguera Emissary EDC Belts – 10% off with code “CHAD”

17 reviews for [Code] Ciguera Emissary EDC Belts – 10% off with code “CHAD”

  1. Revolver502

    This is a really awesome belt, I ccw with it as often as I can. It’s stiff enough to carry a gun and extra mag with no sagging.

  2. brokecollegestudent9

    I wear mine everyday, great product!

  3. OfficialHavik

    Absolute C H A D

  4. TK382

    Best daily use belt I’ve ever had.

    Thank you Flannel Daddy!

  5. TheRealBossk

    I wear mine even when I’m not carrying and it’s easily become my favorite belt.

  6. that_clever_username

    Use this belt often for IDPA, action pistol, two gun, and general range use. I really like it as a simple and extremely sturdy belt.

  7. Cremefraichememer

    i ordered one of these last year and it was great, then ordered a second but the second never arrived. i chocked it up to early covid confusion with the post office, but when i emailed ciguera a few times about it they never replied.

    original belt is quality, though.

  8. EchoWhiskey_

    Got a belt. It was great but then an eyehole came loose. Ciguera replaced it and this new one is great.

  9. anticondomaction

    Have one of these, love it. Highly recommend!

  10. Agent-Cooper

    Great belt, I love mine.

    Customer service was pretty crappy when I initially ordered it, but despite that I would buy another in a heartbeat if needed.

  11. pvtsn0ballz

    I have a size small first gen. Would i be a small in the new version? Also, I’m local to you guys, can I go by and get one? Also the melted seam on my gen 1 is starting to split, can you fix that?

  12. rftek

    Hey for sizing it says dont use pant size, is there a lazy conversion I can use to go from pant size to belt size?

  13. JupiterPhase

    I’ve had mine for a few years now. I really like how stiff and versatile they are. I’ll be grabbing another one with the soft side velcro when I drop my covid weight.

  14. CigueraGearCompany

    Just wanted to thank all of you absolute chads that ordered so far. Really goes a long way with helping us out in increasing our capability to make more badass kit. Threw in some extras for you guys.

    – Juan

  15. HeadUp138

    Best belt I’ve ever owned. Worth every penny.

  16. Deadpan9

    I miss real brass buckles.

  17. cakan4444

    Gdm assign dealer

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