[Code] $5 off 10 packs of Pmags w/code magmonday

[Code] $5 off 10 packs of Pmags w/code magmonday


[Code] $5 off 10 packs of Pmags w/code magmonday

4 reviews for [Code] $5 off 10 packs of Pmags w/code magmonday

  1. Fu-Man-Chewbacca

    These guys are legit. Ordered a Geissele Mk4 Federal from them today for $337 Shipped. Got my tracking number in 3 hours for UPS. Anyone that uses UPS gets +1 in my book (Fuck USPS and FedEx. They’ve lost too many of my packages)

    Also I messaged them on Instagram with a question about their inventory and they messaged back quick with an answer 🤙

    Edit: Also they are apparently on Reddit. Hey, u/FiddlersDefense

  2. 120kcbillofsunscreen

    Rather than just blowing the dealer. $124.45 shipped, 116.50 before shipping 12.95 flat rate.

    I get to avoid theft apparently.

  3. ThadMoggington

    What’s your ETA on 15-22 mags?

  4. headtattoo

    I recently placed my second order with Fiddler’s Defense and will continue to check them before anywhere else. I think Fiddler’s Defense is going places, for sure. The first time I reached out on IG, they got back to me damn near immediately. The order shipped and arrived so fast, I had to unexpectedly rush home from work so my wife wouldn’t bust me for buying more parts.

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