[Code] 20% off kydex holsters/medkits using BLVCKFRIDAY

[Code] 20% off kydex holsters/medkits using BLVCKFRIDAY


[Code] 20% off kydex holsters/medkits using BLVCKFRIDAY

6 reviews for [Code] 20% off kydex holsters/medkits using BLVCKFRIDAY

  1. ihwayne

    They got that PDX airport carpet kydex. I don’t need it…I DON’T NEED IT!

  2. slimey1312

    Holy shit I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a GT sale or discount. I JUST ordered a holster from them. I might have to get another.

    rip wallet and all that

  3. clockwrcornge

    They now make holsters compatible with Phlster Light Bearing Enigma. I’ve ordered several holsters from them and the quality is top notch. Their customer service is also really good, and get back to you right away. Highly recommended.

  4. Ted_From_Accounting

    Dominant hand is a little confusing for the mag carriers, If I chose left does that mean the mag will go on my left side? or if I say dominant hand is my RIGHT then it will be on my left side?

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  6. ih82luz

    Does the Sig P320 M18 holster work with the M17 too?

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