[CODE] 20% off Hanks Retro Belts collection w/code RETRO20

[CODE] 20% off Hanks Retro Belts collection w/code RETRO20


[CODE] 20% off Hanks Retro Belts collection w/code RETRO20

7 reviews for [CODE] 20% off Hanks Retro Belts collection w/code RETRO20

  1. yogipera

    Just FYI for Hanks belts in general the buckle is fucking big and sticks out so when you ccw it’ll stick out even more and it looks weird. Like you got a mini boner or just weird that your belt buckle is abnormally far from your torso.

  2. I_Am_NoBody_2

    Need more Less Than Perfect sale.

    I got one of their steel core belt by the way. Good shit, but totally unnecessary. One of these days when the world gone to shits, I will call upon that belt. Until then, it just sits in the closet. The belt hurts my hip bones.

    And purely my opinion, 1 size up is the better fit than 2 sizes up that they recommend. I am a size 31 and their size 32 fit me perfectly. And I carry a Beretta 92 so she is not small gun. As thicc as it gets.

  3. 01010110_

    Are these CA legal?

  4. echocall2

  5. gkh1285

    Why are belts outrageously expensive? I know an Amish saddle making dude who will make me a belt identical to that with a stainless steel buckle for $7 lol

  6. Briansaysthis

    As a thinner build person I don’t really understand why belts like these are made specifically for carrying. Maybe if I wanted to carry OWB but also wanted something robust enough to put my hammer loop on while I’m at work? Idk… doesn’t seem practical to me.

    A couple years ago I bought a cheap, no-name $20 ratcheting belt off Amazon and it solved 80% of the problems I was having with concealment as well as making it easier for me to adjust after standing up/sitting down. Plus, needing to adjust my belt right down to 1/8 of an inch was a problem I didn’t know I had until I starting using it.

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