[Code] 20% off at JMAC sitewide

[Code] 20% off at JMAC sitewide


[Code] 20% off at JMAC sitewide

8 reviews for [Code] 20% off at JMAC sitewide

  1. lifeenthusiastic

    USE code BTBF for 20% off. I ordered this morning and it was shipped already. Get some fancy foldy stocks

  2. bradsredditacct

    Wish they would make more of the zero keymo mount

  3. Figdudeton

    Nice, new stock for my ZPAP85 coming in!

  4. pipandhams

    Anyone know where to find their RSA 5.5 in stock?

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  6. G0ld3n3y3

    I have been looking at these. I have a wolfman and a nomad on the way. I plan to use the wolfman in my scorpion which will be one of my primary home defense guns.

    1.) For my scorpion, should I go with JMAC direct thread into wolfman (jmac X20) or tri lug?

    I dont have an MP5 yet but its on the bucket list and I cant imagine ruining the aesthetic of it by not using tri-lug. Not sure if the weight/length savings is worth adding/removing the tri-lug adapter when swapping hosts.

    2.) The nomad-30 specs say direct thread only for 7.62×39. Would the JMAC x37 series count as direct thread? I don’t really see another way to direct thread the nomad since to my knowledge they do not make 14x1LH thread adapters. I assume the JMAC AK keymo stuff is for the sandman only? I planned to use the nomad on my ar-15’s with keymo so maybe the wolfman with 9mm bore is a better option for ak?

  7. standard85

    In for one folding stock.

  8. cesrep

    I’m not up to speed; what’s so great about these?

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