[CODE] 20% off ALL Bexar Arms branded products with code BEXAR-BFCM2021 at checkout. More details in comments.

[CODE] 20% off ALL Bexar Arms branded products with code BEXAR-BFCM2021 at checkout. More details in comments.


[CODE] 20% off ALL Bexar Arms branded products with code BEXAR-BFCM2021 at checkout. More details in comments.

14 reviews for [CODE] 20% off ALL Bexar Arms branded products with code BEXAR-BFCM2021 at checkout. More details in comments.

  1. BexarArms

    **It has come to my attention that USPS First-Class Mail is commonly experiencing delivery delays.** Orders shipped via this method are usually delivered within 2 weeks time, though it has been reported that it can occasionally take 30 days or more. If a timely delivery is important, please choose any of the other shipping options. Thanks!
    Howdy Friends!

    I hope that everyone’s had an awesome Thanksgiving! This year has been a big one for me, and can’t explain to y’all just how thankful I am that I’ve had your continued support thus far. To show my thanks to y’all, use the coupon code **BEXAR-BFCM2021** at checkout to reecive 20% off ALL Bexar Arms branded products! Sale ends Monday the 29th at midnight CST.

    * [Bexar Arms 11.5″ Midlength 5.56 URG’s](https://www.bexararms.net/11-5-mid-5-56-URG/)
    * [Bexar Arms 13.7″ Midlength 5.56 URG’s](https://www.bexararms.net/limited-run-13-7-mid-556-ar15-urg/)
    * [Bexar Arms eXcise Optimized Handguards](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-handguards/)
    * [Bexar Arms M16 9310 BCG’s](https://www.bexararms.net/M16-556-9310-BCG-nitride/)
    * [Bexar Arms M16 C158 BCG’s](https://www.bexararms.net/M16-556-C158-BCG-nitride/)
    * [Bexar Arms AR-15 Gen2 Flat Wire Springs](https://www.bexararms.net/gen2-ar15-fws/)

    Radian Raptor R0001 and Raptor-LT FDE R0149 AR15 Charging Handles are still on sale for 20% off! Use coupon code **Dromaeosauriformipes** at checkout to receive the discount.

    * [Radian Raptor R0001](https://www.bexararms.net/ar15-raptor-black/)
    * [Radian Raptor-LT FDE R0149](https://www.bexararms.net/raptor-lt-ar15-fde/)

    Nearly all VG6 Muzzle Devices have been restocked and are still on sale! No coupon code necessary, and no cart limits. If you’ve been looking for a quality muzzle device for a good price, look no further.

    * [VG6 Delta 556 – $31](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-delta-556/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon 556 – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-556/)
    * [VG6 Gamma 556 – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-gamma-556/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon AK – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-ak/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon 9mm – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-9mm/)
    * [VG6 Gamma 9mm – $34.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-gamma-9mm/)
    * [VG6 Gamma 65 – $37.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-gamma-65/)
    * [VG6 CAGE Device – $44.50](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-cage/)
    * [VG6 Epsilon 556SL – $49](https://www.bexararms.net/vg6-epsilon-556sl/)

    All Bexar Arms apparel is on sale for 10% off PLUS free shipping with code **Apparel-BFCM2021** at checkout! Please remember that apparel is printed to order and shipped from a third party, so please allow for some time for your order to be made and shipped.

    * [Bexar Arms Apparel](https://www.bexararms.net/apparel/)

    [Initial testing on our prototype short dwell time 5.56 barrels is complete!](https://www.instagram.com/p/CWm_qmMLjQw/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) They are made with our own specified tapered contour, have .625″ gas block journals, and all feature short dwell times which is preferable for suppressed use. [These prototypes are in 16″ rifle length, 13.7″ intermediate, and 11.5″ midlength configurations.](https://i.imgur.com/sBSnAjv.jpg) As prototypes, things can change depending on what we find during our continued testing.

    Initial gas port testing has been completed, and all I can say is that the results have been extremely promising! Continued testing updates will be shared to Instagram the most often, so please follow me there if you’d like to stay up to date on this project! I’m beginning to reach out to production run capable barrel manufacturers, and I’m hoping to bring the first barrel to market before the middle of 2022 and have all three barrel lengths available before the end of 2022. Fingers crossed we can make that happen!
    [If any of y’all have 3D printers and also happen to be reloaders, I got some reloading trays available to download for free on Thingiverse.](https://www.thingiverse.com/BexarArms/designs)

    Thanks again for the support, and please feel free to ask me any questions or give me your suggestions on what I should look into offering next. I’m the best at answering emails over reddit PMs. I don’t always check reddit, but I do always get notified of new emails!




    20% off all in stock Aero Precision with code **AERO-BFCM2021** at checkout! Discount valid through Nov. 30th and ends at midnight CST.


  2. midnightmk4

    Good stuff, positive seller

  3. Vic_the_Dick

    Bexar is slept on, your attention to detail really shows. Gonna slap one of those BCGs in my mini reece build.

  4. SoundOf1HandClapping

    I see Phil I upvote. Have several handguard and a bunch of flat springs, all work just great.

    I do hope you get an 11.5” handguard though. It’s niche but it could make my build just right.

  5. Platanium

    Just ordered the A2 I asked about earlier. Thanks for the decent prices

  6. HLYuall

    What can you tell me about your 11.5 urg with the faxon 11.5? How well does a mid length 11.5 run?

  7. Sharpie24l

    Grabbed a muzzle device thanks my man!

  8. Nubbl3s

    You can’t do this man 😩 My wallet is cowering

  9. DogDooly

    I shouldn’t have slept in…the flat wire springs are all gone.

  10. w81clark

    Hi Phillip! Apologies if you’ve already answered this and I missed it….. do you no longer do a flat wire AR10 spring?

  11. NEp8ntballer

    silly question, if the URGs are built to order is there a way I can leave a note to not pin & weld the muzzle device on a 13.7? I’m kind of putting together a fuck the NFA braced pistol and that kind of setup would be right up my alley.

  12. midnightmk4

    In for a 10.5 handguard, a flat wire spring and a VG6 epsilon muzzle device! Thanks dude, great deal!

  13. thrsnospn

    Are you guys not doing the AR10 springs anymore?

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