[Code] 20% Off All AR-15 Grips use code “GetAGrip” at checkout 1/26-1/28

[Code] 20% Off All AR-15 Grips use code “GetAGrip” at checkout 1/26-1/28


[Code] 20% Off All AR-15 Grips use code “GetAGrip” at checkout 1/26-1/28

8 reviews for [Code] 20% Off All AR-15 Grips use code “GetAGrip” at checkout 1/26-1/28

  1. bob_doolan

    10/10 on these guys. Their turnaround was reeeal slow when I got my furniture, around 8 weeks, but they make everything to order and the customer service was fantastic. Even included a same-as-cash coupon and an apology letter explaining the delays. Fit and finish are excellent. Here’s my finished AR47 if anyone is on the fence.

    [the goods](https://imgur.com/a/ynyOKHU)

  2. A_Big_Igloo

    I love the look of your guys stuff, but I wish you would clearly delineate (1) what materials you are using, and (2) which parts are 3d printed. Your prices are either stupid good for handmade wood parts, or stupid high for 3d printed wood parts that have been stained, and I honestly don’t know which for some pieces.

    That said, if that is wood filament, I’ve got to get some wood filament, that looks crazy good.

  3. cityratbuddy

    The code “GetAGrip” isn’t working for me. Is it because I’m ordering a foregrip?

    “This coupon code is not eligible for this order”

  4. macsspeed

    Is the thing I’m looking at in the picture a stock or a brace? Do y’all offer braces? I have a pistol Build I’m working on, but if I’m gonna do wood I gotta do it all over

    (For anyone curious about ordering, I’ve gotten a stock, vfg, A2 style grip, and Mlok slot covers from here. All are top notch)

  5. Grunt11B101

    Jesus these products are works of art.

  6. kevinatx

    These look so badass. I built a dedicated AR-22 pistol last year and after seeing these, I could turn it into a Luke Skywalker blaster. Yes I am a nerd like that.

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  8. jaykaypeeness

    I finally put together a [wood dissipator](https://imgur.com/mpFQsO4), the last stupid AR idea I had been wanting to build for years.

    I bought one of the blackwoodtrading Han Solo grips from these guys years ago thinking it’d be funny on a meme gun at some point and thought I might throw it on that build.

    After I got a real walnut stock and foregrip from Gene at Blackgunswood the sawdust and epoxy 3d printed whatever blackwoodtrading is doing to create this stuff looked like absolute trash next to it.

    The blackwoodtrading grip went back into the parts bin and I bought something quality instead.

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